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How to... Get involved in community volunteering (UG/PGT/PGR)

​​This short 'How to...' video introduces students to the Volunteering Hub, where they can sign-up to on and off campus volunteering opportunities, talk about the one-off volunteering…

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CSE Cohort Lead Networking Event - 05 Maarya Sharif (Mathematics PGT)

CSE Cohort Lead Networking Event - 30MAY2023 05 Maarya Sharif (Mathematics PGT)

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Student Growth Group 3 Proposal & Final remarks from challenge hosts - SACHA Think Tank '23

On 4 May 2023, #EdChangeAgent​ teams who have been on the internal version of SACHA, called SACHA Think Tank, came together for our very first in-person event. SACHA Think Tank was created to apply…

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Why is recognition important?

Short interviews with various attendees at the People of CAHSS Awards (formerly known as the CAHSS Recognition Awards) 2022 on why the awards are important both to the College and for them…

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engage - effective student engagement strategies 20/04/22

Presented by Ellen MacRae, President Edinburgh University Students’ Association and Tara Gold Vice President, Education, Edinburgh University Students’ Association

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ECA Store Intro

A brief intro to how things are running in the ECA Store. Technicians: Joan Quast - Store Supervisor Erin Colquhoun - Store Assistant Store e-mail:…

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Dynamics Scenario Workshop Recording Sept 2021

In this video, EMT colleagues walk you through six scenarios you are likely to encounter when using Dynamics. Please note that we are using Sandbox, or UAT, the Dynamics training environment. We…

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Year 3: Personal Tutor and Student Support Information

This is a reminder of the student support available to you as you enter Honours. Please let us know about any academic or personal issues that are impacting on your ability to study, so that we are…

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Email Management - How to Send Emails

How to send an email in Dynamics to respond to an enquiry.

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Greats Introduction 3


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IDS - Week 09 - 04 - Feature engineering

Feature engineering with recipes and fitting models with workflows

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IDS - Week 09 - 03 - Prediction and overfitting

Making predictions based on models and splitting data into training and testing sets to avoid overfitting

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IDS - Week 09 - 02 - Logistic regression

Predicting binary outcomes with logistic regression

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ML4: An introduction to Classification

Here, we explain what is meant by a (binary) classifier. It is a black box that takes in some data and predicts whether it belongs to one of two possible classes. We also describe how we can split…

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Year 1 PT, Academic and Student Support

This is an introduction to the academic and pastoral available to students through the School of GeoSciences and the wider University. Please do not be afraid to come forward and ask for help, there…

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Professional Skills for GAFS (1)- Week 1 - Online Conduct

Professional Skills for Global Agri-Food Scientists 1. This short recording gives an overview of how I think you should be acting in our hybrid learning classes in this course. Remember one of my key…

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