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IAD offer for those who teach and support learning

This is a short summary of the current IAD offer for everyone who teaches and supports learning in the University.

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Mason Institute Investigates Season 2 Episode 4: Under Pressure: Impact of COVID-19 ‘easements’ on adult social care provision

Welcome back for another episode of the Mason Institute Investigates podcast. In this episode Professor Jean McHale from Birmingham Law School and Director of the Centre of Health Law, Science and…

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SACHA '23 - Waverley Care: Group 1 Proposal

On 26 April 2023, four #EdChangeAgent​ teams presented their final proposals to their host organisation, Waverley Care. Each team screened a short video capturing their proposal for the challenge:…

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The edicts of the praetors law, politics and revolution in ancient Rome - Lisa Pilar Eberle

The University of St Andrews Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research and the Edinburgh Roman Law Group present a joint seminar on 'The edicts of the praetors: law, politics and revolution…

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Succession Law Introduction

An introduction to an area of the Law course at Edinburgh, created by a current student. This video is an introduction to Intestate Succession: what happens when someone dies without a will?

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Manifesto for Teaching Online, June 2017

A video for the Manifesto for Teaching Online, created by researchers from the MSc in Digital Education at the University. Video by James Lamb. Read more about the Manifesto at:…

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Introduction to Healthcare Processes

Introduction to Healthcare Processes

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Data Science in Stratified Healthcare - MOOC Trailer

Learn about the different types of data and computational methods involved in stratified healthcare and precision medicine. Enrol on Coursera now!

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What are these policy tools updated

What are these policy tools updated

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Dog Welfare Programme

The Jeanne Marchig International Animal Welfare Centre (JMICAWE) Credit: Tim Askew

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