Climate Change, Sustainability and the Environment

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    An independent report has found that the University of Edinburgh generates £7.52 billion per year to the UK economy. In the academic year 2021-2022, every pound…
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    Climate change solutions
  • From Calum Macphail

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    We are in a Climate Emergency. The actions we all choose to take over the next decade will decide whether we succeed or fail to meet the biggest challenge to our…

Artificial Intelligence

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    Professor Judy Robertson and Dr Valentina Andries, Centre for Research in Digital EducationThis event took place on 25th May 2023Event slidesLink to publicationGet in…
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    This event took place on 15th June 2023.Dr Carlo Perrotta, University of MelbourneAbstractIn this paper, I tentatively draw on Foucault’s work on the historical…
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    Machine learning (ML) is an umbrella term for solving problems for which development of algorithms by human programmers would be cost-prohibitive, and instead the…

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    PPT Seminar by Dimitri Kosmopoulos (University of Geneva)
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    Lecture part 2
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    Lecture part 1