Remote Teaching

  • From Aran Ward Sell

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    Getting started with recording with Kaltura.
  • From Nelly Iacobescu

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    Learn about the fantastic features of the Media Hopper video player, which allows you to swap between your tutor's webcam video and their slides with the click of…
  • From Paul Smyth

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    Discussion Boards in Learn

February's Highlights

  • From Ari Badlishah

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    Discover our wide suite of free environment and sustainability-related online courses, including "Learning for a Sustainable Future: Live at #COP27" and…
  • From Ann Harrison

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    Accessibility legend, Viki Galt gives us a whistlestop tour through best accessibility practice in design, covering font usage, the dreaded pdf, captioning and much much…
  • From Tracy Steinberg

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    Data Literacy for beginners is a one-hour webinar designed to introduce staff and students to the concepts first published in a popular statistics pamphlet, entitled How…

Most Recent

  • From Sara Thomson

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    In this recording, the Project Web Archivists for Archive of Tomorrow Wellcome-funded pilot project introduce approaches to web archiving health information and…
  • From Robbie Court

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    It is a joy and a privilege to collaborate with our friends in Edinburgh University's Staff Pride Network to bring our community a live stream of this very special…
  • From Pamela Macdonald

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    An explanatory video for FMS-2 research participants to help them complete the FMS-2 questionnaire at home or other location other than when attending their research…