How to Create Video for Online Courses

How to Create Video for Online Courses

From the University of Edinburgh, Educational Design and Engagement (EDE).

Increasingly, as education pivots online, educators are looking to filmmaking as a way of creating new and exciting content. This course will provide you opportunities to complete practical activities on storyboarding and scriptwriting, understanding licences and sourcing assets, how to set up and use available technology such as mobile phones for filming, and how to use free editing software.  

The course will offer you valuable insights into creating media that can improve student engagement and learning outcomes. Simple techniques for producing audio and video that can help educators level the relationship with their students, engage more openly, and ensure that learners get the most out of the educational experience being presented.  

These videos are free, open resources unless otherwise stated, originally created for the short online course How to Create Video for Online Courses. If the course is not currently running, you can still work through the media resources in your own time.

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