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EFP 14: Ravenous

Elizabeth and Emily discuss Antonia Bird's 1999 film, "Ravenous." A fantastic film that blends together the genres of horror, comedy, and the western.

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1 Scientist, 1 Question, 1 Minute! - How do glaciers respond to a warming world? By Dr Robert Bingham

How do glaciers respond to a warming world? By Dr Robert BinghamListen to Dr Robert Bingham, from the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh, explain how glaciers respond to a warming…

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MSc Electronics Burns Supper - Toasting the haggis!

This video compliments the full Engineering Graduate School blog post available here:

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Citoid performance for news article citations on Wikipedia - Andrew Lih and Robert Fernandez (WikiCite 2017)

Citoid performance for news article citations (Andrew Lih and Robert Fernandez), Presentation: -…

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Introduction to Wikisource - The Free Content Library

The Introduction to Wikisource session was recorded at Repository Fringe 2016 at the University of Edinburgh on 2nd August 2016 as part of the Wikidata & Wikisource Showcase event. 1.Wikisource…

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Nort Atlantik Drift

A short clip showcasing a film about Shetlandic poet, Robert Alan Jamieson. Using his collection of poems 'Nort Atlantik Drift' as a point of departure, the film tells an engaging story of…

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Electric Automotive Adventures with Robert Llewellyn

Note: Contains some strong language which viewers may find offensive. Robert Llewellyn – actor, comedian, writer and the man behind hit Fringe show "Electric Cars are Rubbish.…

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