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Children’s Climate Risk: Their Future, Their Opinion

Event DescriptionA panel discussion on UNICEF’s Children’s Climate Risk Index (CCRI), which highlights how climate risk for children is significantly different from the broader community.…

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'Reality checking for Historians', Professor Julian Goodare

How do historians study people? We evaluate our evidence, obviously. I argue that we sometimes perform a 'reality check' on our evidence, applying human insight to it. This is a small…

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23 November 2022 Ulrike Tillmann - Strings and surfaces

23 Nov 2022 Ulrike Tillmann , Isaac Newton Institute, CambridgeStrings and surfaces

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How to hold a handheld mic

Quick demo on how to best hold a handheld microphone

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Week 5 Identity , Attention and Platform Business

Internet and Society 2022

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Week 4 Algorithms and Machine Learning

Internet and Society 2022

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Adaptation CoP_ October 2022

We were joined by George Tarvit, Director at SSN and Iryna Zamuruieva, Climate Resilience Manager at Sniffer to discuss tools and reporting in the public sector as well as community adaptation…

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Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW - ECA Digital Support workshop

In this workshop, you’ll get to grips with using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW to process RAW files. You’ll also get a general overview of the advantages of working with RAW files,…

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Strategic Marketing Unit 2 Introduction

Strategic Marketing Unit 2 Introduction

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STEM and LfS course navigation

This video will show you how to navigate around the course on Teams.

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Qualitative Research - Introduction

1- Introduction Interview with Dr Kate Stephen (SRUC) -2021 Interviewer: Dr Louise Connelly Playlist in the Research Methods and Statistics course (UG and PGT) at the Vet School

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How to reference and avoid plagiarism

This session is an overview of how to reference and avoid plagiarism. It covers when to use a citation, what to put in your reference list, tools available to help you create references and recording…

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Student Societies

Student Societies

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Susam-Saraeva and Patterson presentation

Translating informed consent in Scottish maternity services

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Rebecca Brione's presentation

Interpretation and silencing on the maternity ward: a view from philosophy

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Adaptation CoP_ September 2022

Adaptation CoP meeting recording: Guest speaker, Esti Anantasari from University of Gadja Mada in Indonesia talking about traditional knowledge and beliefs in relation to climate change adaptation…

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