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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Ruth Gregory, 'Towards a Quantum Black Hole Simulator'

Colloquium: Towards a Quantum Black Hole Simulator - Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (

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Induction Activity 3 Y1

Induction Activity 3 Y1

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Induction Activity 1 Y1

Induction for Activity 1 Y1

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Nurturing responsible data practices in creative industries R&D through applied ethics and open research practices - Nicola Osborne

Creative Informatics (2018-24) is a major £10m research project providing funding and support to enable individuals and organisations in the creative and cultural industries to explore how data…

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Lessons from Open Science across European Universities: policies, practices, and future directions - William Cawthorn

Open Science, which encompasses all scholarly disciplines, is increasingly recognised as a core feature of academic practice: it has the potential to improve the accessibility and integrity of…

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Stealing the Master's Tools - Sohail Jannesari (Speaker), Ricardo Twumasi, Clare Camp, Ruth Murphy

In an attempt to disrupt traditional paradigms of academic publishing, a decolonial initiative was forged between a group of health inequalities researchers. We began ‘Stolen Tools’, a…

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From practice to policy: how open research is changing research culture in cultural heritage - Jill Dye, Andrea Cop

The role of the museum (to preserve, interpret and make accessible collections and heritage) means that open access, in the broadest sense, has always been part of our purpose. Organisational…

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Open Research & Research Cultures at Edinburgh - Alex Peden

Research cultures are built and maintained by the actions, interactions, behaviours and processes that we all encounter and perform while undertaking or supporting research. These cultures are felt…

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Slow but steady: data management training for students a key to research culture change, especially for humanities - Haley Eckel

"In June of 2022, the University of St Andrews implemented a new data management plan (DMP) requirement. Each PhD student would be required to submit a DMP at their first annual review, and…

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EORC 2024 Plenary Panel: Enacting Research Culture Change

Join our four experts in research cultures as they consider the core question of the conference: how do we drive healthy and sustained culture change, and how does this apply in the case of Open…

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Who gets credit? Fair attribution and publishing for technicians at the University of Cambridge - Lucy Woolhouse (Speaker), Frankie Marsh

"Technicians have long been an underserved community within research, with limited opportunities for career development and a lack of acknowledgement for the vital role they play. The…

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Driving culture change through Open Science: The Role of Research Funders, Marta Teperek

Open science initiatives share many similarities with movements dedicated to cultivating healthier and more inclusive research environments. UNESCO lists four values of Open Science that are also…

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Postgraduate study and applying for a loan through Student Awards Agency Scotland

Find out about applying for a postgraduate loan through Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS), including eligibility criteria, how much money you can borrow, the application process and paying the…

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SIMposium Dara Byrne Keynote

SIMposium Dara Byrne Keynote

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Library Bitesize: Using PRISMA ​ for reporting your systematic review search methods

This recorded Library Bitesize will introduce the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) statement and its extensions for use in transparent reporting of…

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Practical advice about Masters funding (Home student)

Recording from a session at the Postgraduate Virtual Open Days, November 2023. For advice and guidance about student loans, fees, funding and scholarships, contact The Scholarships and Financial…

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