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Inaugural Lecture of Professor Sotirios Tsaftaris, Chair in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

The pixel takes it all We are fascinated by how our brain interprets what we see. Emulation of our brain's ability to process visual signals has in turn inspired modern digital engines that…

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Future Cities - CAHSS Research Themes

Our research supports the development of smart, sustainable and inclusive cities, both locally in Edinburgh, and internationally – combining architecture and design with a focus on…

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In this presentation, Robin Rice, Data Librarian and Head of Research Data Support Services, talks abut DataShare, DataVault and other External Repositories.

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Inaugural Lecture of Professor Aristides Kiprakis, Chair of Agile Energy Systems

Agile Energy Systems – Enabling the Transition to a Sustainable Future Abstract From the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the 1750s until the 1880s, it took humanity 130 years to…

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In the Hot Seat Lori


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Welcome to Health and Social Care Delivery and Organisation

A brief welcome message from Course Organiser Kerry Cannon.

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Prof Chris Dent Digital Twin based decision support: the Climate Resilience Demonstrator project and Discussion with Prof Hergel

Climate Extremes and Decision-making: how models can and cannot predict risks and harms Week 3 2024 This talk will describe the Climate Resilience Demonstrator project, which ran under the…

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Utopia Lab - APF IF Award

Where we see Utopia Lab next... APF IF Awards

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Pedagogies of Care and Hope for Wicked Prolems

An introductory video about pedagogies for wicked problems.

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Design Community Festive Message

A festive message, some crazy Christmas facts and a wee round up of our wins from 2023. And also where we have been a bit rubbish, but that bit is boring. Big love from Jackie, Marie and Ann ♥

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Our student Ruby on studying an MSc in Marine Systems and Policies

Interested in doing an MSc that truly respects and integrates interdisciplinarity into your degree program? Ours MSc Marine Systems and Policies might be for you. From the outset, you will learn how…

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Day 1 Insight - Lorna Slater, Scottish Government

Lorna Slater MSP, who has served as Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity in the Scottish Government since 2021, shares Scotland's ambitions and progress to date on the…

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Day 1 Spotlight: COP28 Climate Negotiation Simulation Event, Edinburgh

On 16 November, weeks before COP28 Learning for Sustainability Scotland, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, welcomed pupils from Scottish and Egyptian secondary schools to take part in…

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Climate Solutions - Mexico (Trailer)

Learn how to tackle climate change, the biggest challenge the world has faced in the 21st century - in a Mexican context. Enrol now on Climate Solutions: Mexico (English) or Climate Solutions:…

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Utopia Lab 2023

Introduction to the Edinburgh Futures Institute Utopia Lab Project by Jennifer Williams, Creative Project Manager, EFI

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Inaugural Lecture of Dr Wini Obande

The Duality of Sustainability: Exploring Durability & Recoverability in Multi-Functional Composites Abstract The world is facing the consequences of long-standing high greenhouse gas…

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