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A great way to study - Online Student Interview

Salaviriuse is a vet from Uganda who studies the MSc in One Health online. Online as a mode of study enables Salaviriuse to continue to offer his professional expertise in his local community and to…

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Creating Edinburgh: Introduction to Open Educational Resources

A short introduction to creating, finding and using open educational resources for the Creating Edinburgh: The Interdisciplinary City course.

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Usher innovation community

The Usher innovation community supports collaboration between academics, service professionals and industry to identify, evaluate and adopt new data-driven solutions to transform the delivery of care…

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Moral Horizons of Pain: Participatory Theatre and Public Engagement with Data and Technology in Medicine

AbstractIn this talk, members of the Critical Data Sense team from the University of Calgary (Canada) describe their public performance piece, “Moral Horizons of Pain.” Drawing on the…

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IRR Lecture 5: Writing a Good Research Review

This lecture explains the ways to justify an answer and how to build a scientific argument. This also includes critical questions and tips for writing a successful literature review.

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[IRR 20220] Lecture 3.1 Referencing

This is a lecture on referencing got the Informatics Research Review course.

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Decolonizing Knowledge Production through Linked Open Data

Abstract A hallmark of the North American colonial process was the production and dissemination of knowledge about Indigenous peoples through the journals and records of colonizers. The violent, and…

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AML: Exploratory Data Analysis - Data Visualisation

Applied Machine Learning - INFR11211 AML: Exploratory Data Analysis - Data Visualisation Part 1/3

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Adaptation CoP_ September 2022

Adaptation CoP meeting recording: Guest speaker, Esti Anantasari from University of Gadja Mada in Indonesia talking about traditional knowledge and beliefs in relation to climate change adaptation…

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BHoM 2022 - Tosin Babasola

Tuesday 04 October 2022 Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2022 Tosin Babasola, University of Bath - Role of mathematics in understanding the growth of cocoa crops?

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Thematic Session One: On coloniality

In this video, we discuss texts by Charles Darwin, Robin Wall Kimmerer and Nelson Maldonado-Torres to explicate the concept of coloniality.

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1.1 Our thinking behind the course

In this recording, we introduce ourselves and talk through how we came to this topic and why it is important to us – what the stakes are.

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[IRR 2022] Introduction (Part 2): What is a literature review and how to get started?

This part of the lecture explains what a literature review is and how to get started with the IRR

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When do I cite and reference

In this video we will look at when you need to cite and reference.

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Why do I need to cite and reference?

This video will explain why citing and referencing is important.

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Week 3: Reasserting the Human

Dr Christine Sinclair discusses week 3 of the course - focusing on the philosopher David Hume. If you download and reuse this video, please remember to attribute the University of Edinburgh and…

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