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Reimagining Waste Landscapes Seminar Series #6: Antonia Thomas - Bruck: The Art and Archaeology of Waste in Orkney

NOTE Captions are in process of being edited for typos! [postponed from 23 March]Abstract from Antonia Thomas: In this seminar I am going to discuss some of the ways in which we can think about…

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Grounded Speculation: Feeling into Digital Ruins

Professor Tracy Ireland - Grounded Speculation: Feeling into Digital Ruins Abstract In heritage and archaeology 3D models and visualisations are often characterised as capturing reality—as…

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LAGOON: Longitudinal Algebra and Geometry Open ONline - Asilata Bapat

The sphere of spherical objectsConsider the 2-Calabi--Yau triangulated category arising from the zigzag algebra of the An quiver. The braid group acts on this category by twists in spherical objects.…

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In Conversation with Christina Riley: Collecting, Arranging and Sharing the Coast

This podcast features a conversation between Dr Anna Pilz and the Scotland-based artist Christina Riley. Anna talks to Christina about her project The Beach Today (Guillemot Press, 2021) as a way of…

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History of Art Seminar 26 January 2022

Prof. Fernando Domínguez Rubio (UC San Diego) The Unnatural Ecologies of Modern Art Abstract: A museum is not a collection of objects but a collection of slowly unfolding …

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LAGOON: Leicester Algebra and Geometry Open ONline - Sergey Mozgovoy

Subtitles will be available shortly. 17.02.2022 Sergey Mozgovoy (Dublin, Ireland) - Wall-crossing structures arising from surfaces

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LAGOON: Alberto Canonaco (Pavia, Italy)

Subtitles will be added soon. 03 February Alberto Canonaco (Pavia, Italy): Dg enhancements of triangulated categories and their uniqueness

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Philosophical foundations of research

A short video on philosophical foundations or research for the Introduction to Social Research Methods course as part of the MSc in Digital Education programme

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Finite shadows of infinite groups, finiteness properties, and geometry - Martin Bridson

EMS online talk Professor Martin Bridson (University of Oxford) Finite shadows of infinite groups, finiteness properties, and geometry 10 December 2021 To remove the captions from this video press…

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LAGOON: Jeremy Brightbill (Santa Barbara, USA)

Subtitles will be added soon. 9 December Jeremy Brightbill (Santa Barbara, USA): Higher simple-minded systems in negative Calabi-Yau categories

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Neil Mulholland In the Open INFE

The Foundation Course in Art and Design: Past, Present and Future: Collective Imagining’ Symposium to be held virtually as part of FutureLab in Shanghai on: Friday 3rd December 2021 TIME…

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LAGOON: Marcy Robertson (Melbourne, Australia)

Subtitles will be added soon. Thursday 25 November 2021 Marcy Robertson (Melbourne, Australia) A topological characterization of the Kashiwara-Vergne groups

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LEL2A: Week 10, Lecture 1.

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Gabriel Sattig - Thursday 11 November

08 Nov- 12 Nov 2021ICMS hosted the Convex Integration and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations workshopGenericity of wild weak solutions to the transport equation Gabriel Sattig (University of…

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Rep in Psych 1 part 2

Second part of first lecture on Representation in Psychology for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Alex Doumas

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Aristotle Lecture 5.5


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