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The experiences of WikiGap and WikiForHumanRights. Working with UN experts on topics for impact

SpeakersInterviewers:Alex Stinson John Cummings Eric Luth Interviewees:Ruben Brouwer, Human Rights Officer at United Nations Human Rights Suzanne Lapstun, Editorial Manager of Publications, FAO…

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Using Wikidata on Wikimedia Commons and Stuctured Commons: what changes are coming?

Wikimania 2017 - Day 2, Wikidata sessions, morning New Frontier: Using Wikidata on Commons Author of the submission: Jarek Tuszynski aka Jarekt In May 2016, a longstanding feature of…

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Wikimania 2016 - Verifiability of Wikipedia by Alex Stinson

Alex Stinson is the GLAM Wiki strategist at the Wikimedia Foundation. For the last two years, he has been supporting the Wikipedia Library program developing partnerships with publishers and…

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