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ESALA Frictions Lecture: Anke Boehme (Public Practice)

Anke Boehme (Public Practice)

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ESALA Frictions Lecture: Alison Killing

Alison Killing: Killing Architects

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ESALA Frictions Lecture: Annmarie Adams

Grand Plans: hospital architecture and what it tells usThis talk explores the role of monumentality in a century of hospital design. From the sprawling British pavilion-plan building typology to…

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Welcome Week 2022 - Edinburgh College of Art Course Options Introduction

Stuart Bennett, Senior Tutor at Edinburgh College of Art, introduces ECA's course options for the 2022/23 academic year.

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Quantity and Quality in Greenspace Studies

Dr Scott Ogletree works to understand how urban woodlands impact mental health and child development using secondary datasets. He is interested in how natural environments influence society and uses…

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Rolf Roscher, director of Glasgow based Landscape Architects erz, will discuss the practice’s health and care projects. Over the past 14 years erz have designed and overseen delivery of a wide…

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Platform studies methods tutorial

A short introductory video on using documentary methods to conduct platform studies research.

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Thinking about studying Engineering?

Dr Dave Laurenson, Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Engineering, gives an overview of this exciting subject and explains why the University of Edinburgh is an excellent choice for…

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ESALA Public Lectures Series: Rotor (Gaspard Geerts & Arne Vande Capelle - Geddes Visiting Fellows)

Reuse: Rediscovering a PracticeToday, reuse is often presented as a new thing, an innovation that requires complex technical solutions, a whole new branch of building materials and lots of expansive…

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A7. Tissue structure & organisation (2022)

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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LSS3_Maria Filomena Molder

Love of the Distant, Obedience to Proximity Contradicting a long tradition of purgative, curative, redemptive, contemplative soul journeys – a tradition which still casts its shadows –…

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LSS2_Landscape Studio

Founded in Kenya in 2014 by Chloé and Michael Humphreys, The Landscape Studio has championed site-specific responses that proudly reveal the essence and identity of the place. By careful…

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Bellastock, ESALA Frictions Public Lecture

Living the Change: Circular Economy and Tactical Urbanism supporting the Ecological Transition of TerritoriesBellastock will share 15 years of experiments in circular economy and transitory urbanism…

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Brady Burroughs, ESALA Frictions Public Lecture

Bauhaus to Ninja Assassinating Seriousness in Architectural Education Brady Burroughs Humor has long been used as a critical tool by architectural critics, but can taking ourselves a little less…

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Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck: ESALA Public Lecture

Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck, Simpson Visiting Professors, speak in ESALA's Frictions Public Lecture Series.

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Fire 3: Egress & Access for Firefighting

MA Architecture Lecture Fire Safety Design

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