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Presentation for applicants from Cyprus - December 2021

Doug Thompson, International Recruitment Manager - Europe, provides an introduction to the University discussing the University's renowned research environment, diverse global community as well…

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Using Climate Data in Financial Decision Making

Matthew Brander and Atreya Dey (both University of Edinburgh) present two papers discussing the use of climate data in financial decision making.First Broadcast on 27 October, 2021Chaired by Dr…

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Analysing Climate Change Narratives, Past and Present

Amy Coombs, Robert Suits (both University of Chicago), and Jo Guldi (Southern Methodist University) give three presentations interrogating sociocultural narratives around climate change, from…

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Being Buddhist at University

Welcome to the ‘Being at University’ podcast. I’m Harriet Harris, Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh, and in this first series, we explore what it is like being people of…

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Wikipedia at the University of Edinburgh

An introduction to Wikipedia at the University of Edinburgh created by students Clea Strathmann and Erin Boyle. …

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Computation at the Service of Social Sciences

First broadcast on Tuesday 28th September, 2021. This talk will discuss ways in which digital data and advanced computational methods can be used not to master social research but to serve it.…

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BHoM 2021: Mamokgethi Phakeng (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Subtitles are being processed and will be visible soon. Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2021 05 - 06 October 2021 Mathematics is Easy. Teaching it is Hard. Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng…

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Academic Promotions-20210917_140322-Meeting Recording

Academic Promotions-20210917_140322-Meeting Recording

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Your Computer is On Fire: A Discussion with Authors Mar Hicks and Kavita Philip

First broadcast on Wednesday 22 September, 2021.This event was hosted by the Centre for Data, Culture & Society’s Digital Social Science research cluster.'Your Computer Is on…

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(UG/PG) How-to pay your university accommodation fees (ACE)

This session will cover all of the useful information you need about paying your accommodation fees from payment dates, payment options, how to pay and budgeting to what is available if you get in to…

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Student analytics for Internet and Society Course

What analytics are available to staff about you, and how are they used.

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Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Library - for new postgraduates students in Social and Political Science

This session is for new postgraduate students in the School of Social and Political Science (SPS) for Welcome Week, September 2021. It introduces students to the huge range of library resources,…

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Exploring a cultural gap on Wikimedia: the case of the visual arts

SpeakersMartin Poulter, User:MartinPoulter Waqas Ahmed, the Open University/ the Da Vinci Network Daria Cybulska, Wikimedia UK Girl Reciting Qur'an by Osman Hamdi Bey (1880)AbstractDemographic…

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(UG/PG) How-to arrive in University-managed accommodation (ACE)

Unsure what the arrivals process looks like and want to know what to expect? Need to know what to bring with you to University? Want to know what will be happening over the arrivals period? This…

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How the law library can help you (UG) Sept 2021

A short video which lists a number of ways the law library team can help students with their studies. This video covers: - Visiting the Law Library - Online resources - Training and advice -…

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Welcome Week 2021 | Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

An introduction to EDI from Deborah Jackson & Emma Gieben-Gamal, ECA co-Directors of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

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