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Multiple markers & moderation with PMark

How to use PMark forms to moderate between multiple markers.

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Block 3 Introduction and Tour May 2022

Introduction to Block 3 of Foundations of Academic Practice

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STEP D-Rag Reading assessment_Taster video

STEP has developed a digital rapid assessment guide (D-Rag) for use with nomadic learners. The guide aims to provide a quick assessment of children’s abilities using accessible activities. It…

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Digital Education Programme Podcast 12: Previewing Semester 1 for September 2022

In this episode I talk with Pete Evans and James Lamb from the programme who will walk us through the option courses they will be teaching in Semester 1 of 2022-2023 academic year beginning in…

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Three Curriculum Design Principles

A short video by Vel McCune about curriculum design principles

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CP2 Answering SAQs

Assessment guidance

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About the LEAPS Transitions Course

Keen to prepare for university study? The LEAPS Transitions Course could be for you! The LEAPS Transitions Course is designed to give LEAPS-eligible students the skills and experience needed to…

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The "Advanced search" pages

A description of the 'Quick search' page of the knowledge management hub

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The "Quick Search" page

A description of the 'Quick search' page of the knowledge management hub

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Lecture 1 part 1A Kaltura Capture recording - January 13th 2022, 10:58:40 am

Lecture 1 part 1A

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 12th 2022, 1:19:41 pm

Lecture 1 part 1

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Baseline pages data entry

Database Training for the baseline section of the DENS Trial database

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Giving formative feedback without an assignment Nov 21

Hw to give mid-semester formative feedback in learn when there is no corresponding student upload

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Teaching Team Introductions - Ionela Mocanu

Introduction of a teaching assistant Ionela Mocanu.

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The Company Formation Advisory Group Process

Veronica Ferguson (Senior Enterprise Executive (Staff) at Edinburgh Innovations) introduces the Company Formation Advisory Group Process. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning…

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The Pros and Cons of Online Exams

Prof. Velda McCune and Dr. Tim Fawns discuss the pros and cons of online exams in a hybrid learning environment. The topics and ideas in this conversation are informed by the additional work of Jen…

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