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See one, do one, teach one: Teaching Open Research Skills for Data-Driven Innovation in Health and Social Care - Kasia Banas (Speaker)

With Brittany Blankinship, Sophie Marion de Proce, John Wilson As the Data-Driven Innovation Talent Team, we teach data and research skills to undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous…

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Humanities researchers’ perspectives towards scholarly communication practices - Dominic Hewett

To change research culture for the better, we need to understand researchers. Existing studies of the scholarly communication landscape in the humanities, especially in relation to open access, have…

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Preprints mean peer review can be reimagined as it should always have been - Stuart King

"Peer review, a cornerstone of scholarly communications, is often acknowledged as a vital yet flawed process in academia. Among its well-known limitations—sluggishness, wastefulness,…

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A-E Podcast

A brief introduction to A-E assessment.

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Flexible Grading View Demonstration

Flexible Grading View is an efficient grading experience for markers and course teams to view, leave feedback and mark their students Learn assignments and tests. Flexible Grading View has been…

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How is nutritional status assessed?

Food Facts - Module 3 Presentation by Amelia Finaret for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork'

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Paragogy, Open Education, Ungrading

A talk for the University of Edinburgh Learning Technology Community, Monday 25th March 2024 14:00-15:00 Resources:Blum, S. D. (2016). "I love learning; I hate school" : an anthropology of…

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ESO graduates, what are you most proud of?

ESO graduates tell us what they are most proud of.

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In the Hot Seat David

Who is the mind behind the academic mastery? How will we solve the world’s biggest challenges? Join us as we put David in the Hot Seat to quiz him about his role as an academic teaching courses…

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Introduction to Designing Courses and Programmes

An introduction to designing courses and programmes

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Why do we need to cite sources?

One of the things which students often find difficult is figuring out how to cite sources in their work. In this short video, we will consider some basic questions and give some guidance. Hopefully…

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Live Session - Formative feedback and Assignment Q&A

Live Session - Formative feedback and Assignment Q&A Pain - A Multidimensional Phenomenon

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Essay Writing: The Basics

This is a short video which is intended for those who find themselves worrying about undertaking an essay assessment. Perhaps it is not the type of assessment that you happen to be used to, or…

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Welcome Back Year 4 and 5 Electronics and Electrical Engineering Programmes

Welcome Back Year 4 and 5 Electronics and Electrical Engineering Programmes

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Top Tips Assessment Centres

Recording of our Top Tips Assessment Centres session.

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Introduction to Collusion

The University defines collusion as "a form of plagiarism. It is an unauthorised and unattributed collaboration of students in a piece of assessed work."As part of your studies, you will be…

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