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1.2 Course Structure & Assessment

In this second recording, we describe the flow of the course, and our plans for pre-intensive, intensive and post-intensive study.

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Introducing the Disability & Learning Support Service (Paddy Corscadden)

An overview of the DLSS for staff providing support to students

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Introducing the Student Counselling Service (Ronnie Millar)

An overview of the Student Counselling Service (SCS) for staff providing support to students.

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Week 5: Tools for Reflection

Dr Hamish Macleod discusses week 5 of the course, using the labyrinth as a metaphor for how to approach thinking about the assessment for the course. If you download and reuse this video, please…

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Conversation about CVI with Prof Els Ortibus

In this conversation, Els and I talk about assessment, CVI, technology, questionnaires, and future research in the field. Els Ortibus currently works at the Department of Development and…

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The Intersections between DORA, Open Research, and Equity - Stephen Curry

Keynote presentation

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4.1 Core messages from research overall

Core messages from research overall.

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Online Assessments - Used by employers in graduate recruitment

In this session, we will look at online assessments, and cover online interviews, video interviews, online assessment centre activities i.e. group exercises, observed role play etc, as well as online…

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1.3.3 Heritage Management

Dr Rowan Jackson provides a brief overview of challenges facing international heritage management and climate change. The clip is retrieved from July 2021 Workshop day 1 of the CRITICAL project.

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Multiple markers & moderation with PMark

How to use PMark forms to moderate between multiple markers.

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Block 3 Introduction and Tour May 2022

Introduction to Block 3 of Foundations of Academic Practice

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STEP D-Rag Reading assessment_Taster video

STEP has developed a digital rapid assessment guide (D-Rag) for use with nomadic learners. The guide aims to provide a quick assessment of children’s abilities using accessible activities. It…

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Digital Education Programme Podcast 12: Previewing Semester 1 for September 2022

In this episode I talk with Pete Evans and James Lamb from the programme who will walk us through the option courses they will be teaching in Semester 1 of 2022-2023 academic year beginning in…

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Three Curriculum Design Principles

A short video by Vel McCune about curriculum design principles

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CP2 Answering SAQs

Assessment guidance

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About the LEAPS Transitions Course

Keen to prepare for university study? The LEAPS Transitions Course could be for you! The LEAPS Transitions Course is designed to give LEAPS-eligible students the skills and experience needed to…

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