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Studying animal health subjects

Four graduates talk about their time studying online postgraduate programmes in animal health sciences.

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Krystal's experience as a Conservation Medicine online student

Krystal Woo talks about her time as a student on the University of Edinburgh's Conservation Medicine masters programme.

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'The Cultural Heritage Code in Romania: Concept and Evolution', Adrian Crăciunescu, 5 May 2023

During 2008, within the context of the adoption in France and Italy of new legislation as Heritage Codes, the question of restructuring the heritage legislation in such a code arose also in Romania.…

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'Digging the past, saving the stone: The Sissi Archaeological Project and its Preservation Programme', Jan Driessen and Thérèse Claeys, 22 March 2023

Since 2007, a team of the UCLouvain under the auspices of the Belgian School at Athens has been working at Sissi, a Bronze Age or Minoan site on the island of Crete. Apart from a cemetery and an…

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'Tourism and Historic Centres: How to Regulate and Plan Tourism to Safeguard the Heritage Values of Historic Sites', Maria Garcia Hernandez, 29 March 2023

Historic urban centres have important heritage values that justify their inclusion in various legal protection systems. Urban planning instruments allow the preservation of formal aspects (buildings,…

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'Complexity and Coherence in Architectural Conservation', Cristina Gonzalez-Longo, 26 April 2023

After the very substantial advances of the last century, architectural conservation is going through a period of palpable regression. Theories and principles of good practice, agreed by the…

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'Urban UNESCO World Heritage: Authenticities and Potentialities', James White, 24 May 2023

Urban UNESCO World Heritage sites are living places, where heritage not only acts as a formal backdrop, but must play an active and useful role in the everyday life of local people. Running the risk…

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'The coming past: building with heritage', Luc Verpoest, 17 May 2023

The coming past: building with heritage

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'Contrasting approaches to conserving visual history and identity in London and Edinburgh', Robert Tavernor, 10 May 2023

Historic views have played a significant role in London and Edinburgh’s separate and distinctive evolving city identities. This lecture will consider how the pressures of urban change and the…

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'Sutton House and the old Royal London Hospital: Two studies in sustainability', Richard Griffiths, 03 May 2023

Richard Griffiths will talk about the conservation and design issues raised by two projects that he has undertaken; Sutton House, a Tudor house owned by the National Trust, which he rescued from a…

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Lama Said - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

Lama Said - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

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Lived in Heritage 6 April 2022

Lived-in Heritage: Perspectives on European Cultural Landscapes from Architecture SchoolsA collaborative project funded by the European Council for the European Heritage Days 2022 between the Faculty…

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Campus Conservation with Dr Sophie Haupt

Where do plant scientists get their plant materials from? How do you best grow a new species? In this episode, Haomiao sits down with Dr Sophie Haupt, the manager of the plant growth facility at the…

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1.3.2 History of heritage

Dr Rowan Jackson explains the history of heritage. The clip is retrieved from July 2021 Workshop day 1 of the CRITICAL project.

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Adaptive Moving Meshes for Hyperbolic PDEs - Matthew Hubbard

Adaptive Moving and Anisotropic Meshes for the Numerical Approximation of PDEs Adaptive eMoving Meshes for Hyperbolic PDEs Matthew Hubbard (University of Nottingham) 13 May 2022

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ICOMOS, UNESCO and the delisting of ‘Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City’: A Failure of Process?, Dennis Rodwell

I have followed the Liverpool World Heritage story since the turn of the millennium, from the preparatory stages leading to the 2003 nomination onwards. At times this has been at close quarters,…

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