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Alberta Whittle, November 6 2023

Alberta Whittle, November 6 2023

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20231115 Delivering Data Value Reflections

Delivering Data Value Reflections

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Dissertation Week 2 Live conversation recording

Dissertation Week 2 Live conversation recording

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What Do Black Rights and Reparations Look Like? – 25 October 2022

Co-sponsored by RACE.ED, Edinburgh Race Equality Network (EREN) and The Sudanese Community in Edinburgh With Zaki El-Salahi, Chaired by Katucha Bento (University of Edinburgh) Each year, The…

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Networking Online Live Session-20230531_135958-Meeting Recording

What is networking and how to prepare for networking events

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We shared our personal stories and experiences of what supports and hinders our relationship building with others in our new spaces/environments while highlighting the associated barriers and…

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MCF Podcasts: Language and Communication are part of your identity

We shared how language and communication in new environments brought in the notion of self-awareness as scholars shared their challenges in communicating with people from different backgrounds. We…

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Interview with Paul Rice

Interview with Dr Paul Rice, Director of Digital Transformation for NHS England and Improvement in the North East and Yorkshire.

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Trailer: Introduction to Online Course Production Service

The Online Course Production Service brings together instructional designers, media producers, project managers and marketing experts to support our course teams in creating and teaching the best…

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Adaptation CoP_ October 2022

We were joined by George Tarvit, Director at SSN and Iryna Zamuruieva, Climate Resilience Manager at Sniffer to discuss tools and reporting in the public sector as well as community adaptation…

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Pedro Feitoza: Religion and Regionalism in Brazil

On November 1, 2022, we were pleased to have our new Lecturer in Latin American Christianity, Dr Pedro Feitoza, deliver a paper entitled “Religion and Regionalism in Brazil: The Dynamics of…

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Introduction to Simulation

Introduction to Simulation

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Emma Brooks' presentation

‘Interpreter required?’: negotiating consent in a linguistically diverse space

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BHoM 22 - Tolulope Fadina

Tuesday 04 October 2022 Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2022 Tolulope Fadina, University of Essex - How inclusive is the maths curriculum?

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New Resources for Lectionary Year A: A CPD event for Ministers and Worship Leaders - Rev. Dr Nikki Macdonald

In this video Rev. Dr Nikki Macdonald (Minister, Upper Clyde Parish Church) speaks on the topic of 'Rigidly Constraining Liberty or useful tool? The lectionary as servant, not master' at…

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