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Research During the Pandemic: Working Across 3 Nations - Managing Multiple Study Sites

Katie Wells, the National Coordinator for the PREVENT Dementia Programme, discusses her role in managing multiple study sites across 3 nations during the Covid-19 pandemic. She describes how the…

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2020-10-28_Impact of covid on care home relatives-first findings

Event to discuss first findings of the above project

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Let's Talk Episode 11

Martha, dementia and lockdown Martha Pollard, a PhD student in Alzheimer and Dementia Research at the University of Edinburgh tells us about the challenges of lockdown for those living with…

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4. Dementia Prevention: a global approach 2020

Dementia is the world’s most pressing healthcare challenge. In our final lecture we explore how large data sets can inform healthcare policy and how powerful statistics, computer modelling and…

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3. Developing Treatments for Neurodegenerative Diseases 2020

Our third lecture focuses on the new ways we can look to treat brain disease before dementia. From drug trials to lifestyle interventions, fundamental laboratory science to studying large at-risk…

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2. How to Detect Neurodegenerative Disease 2020

Intervening earlier in the course of disease will enable us to prevent the onset of dementia. In our second lecture, we discuss how to detect the very earliest signs of changes in the brain, how…

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Let's talk about dementia - what happens to the brain and how can we fix it?

Let's talk about dementia - what happens to the brain and how can we fix it?Colin Smith and Tara Spires-Jones, UK Dementia Research Institute at The University of EdinburghApproximately 50…

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4. Future Directions - What needs to be done?

Future Directions - What needs to be done?In our fourth and final lecture, Prof. Craig Ritchie discusses what the future of dementia prevention holds, including predictions and disease models, a…

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3. Treatments for Neurodegenerative Disease

Treatments for Neurodegenerative DiseaseIn our third lecture, Prof. Craig Ritchie and Dr Tom Russ discusses prevention and non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of dementia, as well as…

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2. What is Neurodegenerative Disease? (part 2)

What is Neurodegenerative Disease? Part 2In our second lecture, Prof. Tara Spires-Jones, Prof Karen Ritchie and Prof Adam Waldman will discuss the biology of neurodegenerative disease and dementia,…

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1. What is Neurodegenerative Disease? (part 1)

What is Neurodegenerative Disease? Part 1In our first lecture, Prof. Craig Ritchie will provide an introduction to the Dementia Prevention Open Lecture Series, discusses how, when and where dementia…

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Learning from Other Places: Improving Choice for People with Dementia

This film is part of a series which highlights the outcomes and learning from 6 programmes supported under the 2016 SUII call for proposals - Learning from other places. Programmes focused on…

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Dr Tom MacGillivray - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Tom MacGillivray, a Senior Research Fellow as he highlights the main focus of his research - how retinal imaging might tell us more about human body & brain health, especially in…

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Dr Fergus Doubal - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Fergus Doubal, a Senior Stroke Researcher at the University of Edinburgh, as he highlights his research using brain imaging & retinal imaging to investigate dementia & stroke.

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Dr Gerry Thompson - Research in a nutshell

Hear from Dr Gerry Thompson, consultant neuroradiologist and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Radiology, as he highlights his research focus on brain imaging like PET & MR, to better characterize…

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Alzheimer's dementia / disease profiling sequence

A quick series of graphics for the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences. Part of a presentation by Prof Craig W. Ritchie. Wacom Speed paintings, Indesign layout, Afterffects composition / colour grade…

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