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Supporting diversity through the ECA Library Zine and Artists Books collection: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

Join ECA Academic Support Librarian Jane Furness to hear about the ECA Library artists’ books and zines collections and the ways in which they celebrate the diversity of makers working in these…

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Beverley Hood - It’s all about the feelings. Emotional AI session

Controversies in the Data Society 2022 Beverley Hood, Reader in Technological Embodiment & Creative Practice and Director of Research in Design, ECA

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Bookit Central

An introduction to Bookit Central, room G.09 Evolution House. Equipment loans service, photography space and drop-in IT Helpdesk. Voiced by Mark Thompson, Technology Support Officer, Information,…

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McGovern Media Centre

Introducing the McGovern Media Centre, Minto House.

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ECA Store Intro

A brief intro to how things are running in the ECA Store. Technicians: Joan Quast - Store Supervisor [email protected] Erin Colquhoun - Store Assistant [email protected] Store e-mail:…

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Manual Roller

An introduction to the manual roller, presented by Catriona Gilbert.

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Sheet Metal Folder Introduction

An introduction to the box pan folder, a machine for folding sheet metal. Presented by Catriona Gilbert.

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Bar Bender Introduction

Introduction to the bar bender, presented by Metalwork Technician Catriona Gilbert.

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Heat Press Video 2 setting digital prints

This process is used for setting a digital print (using pigments) to the fabric. This helps fix the print to the fabric, making it more durable and longer lasting.

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Heat Press Sublimation Part 1 - Preparing

This process is for preparing fabric for printing or any other heat press process. It ensures your fabric is flat and ready for printing, as well as preventing any fabric shrinkage when printing.

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Heat Press Sublimation Part 2 - Printing

This process is for sublimation printing onto fabric.

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Daniel Barber, 'Architecture of the Aftermath' | ESALA Frictions Lecture

Architecture of the Aftermath Abstract: Looking at buildings and drawings from about 1930 to the present, from the Americas, West Africa, and around the world, I will outline a history of…

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N4 Workshop Overview

Introduction to N4 Workshop, Hunter Building Basement. Presented by Paul Diamond.

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Curriculum Development Reflections (Murray)

Curriculum Development Reflections (Walsh)

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Photography introduction to C-41 colour negative process

Extended introduction demonstrating how to load film onto the Colenta C-41colour processor.

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Guillotine Introduction

Introduction to the Guillotine, a staff only machine.

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