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A01 (no verbal, background sound only)

Wood Workshop, what you can do here sample.

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Pen Plotter instruction video - loading pen (no audio)

Demonstrating how to load the pen into the pen plotter, Maltings Workshop

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Shapes of Edinburgh - CAHSS Recognition Awards Trophy 2023

The making of the CAHSS Recognition Awards Trophy for the 2023 ceremony by students from the Edinburgh College of Art.

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Sublimation print onto Chromaluxe Aluminium Panels

In this guide we will take you through the process for printing onto Chromaluxe Aluminium Panels. Presented by Hannah Scott.

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Introduction to InDesign - ECA Digital Support - 01.03.23

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of working with Adobe InDesign to create a document and export it for print and screen. You will learn how to navigate the InDesign workspace and…

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CRA 2023 Nominations Promo 2

Some of the nominations from the CAHSS College Recognition Awards in 2022. This video has nominations for individuals from EFI, ECA, the School of Economics, the School of Law and UEBS. Make…

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Introduction to Photoshop - ECA Digital Support - 18.01.23

This workshop will get you started with Adobe Photoshop, demonstrating how to navigate the workspace and use essential tools to edit and manipulate images. You will also gain an understanding…

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Inaugural lecture - Suzanne Ewing, Architecture & (her) Critical Imagination

The inaugural lecture from Suzanne Ewing, Personal Chair of Architectural Criticism. This lecture explores how the architectural discipline might attend to and more explicitly nurture critical…

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Adobe Lightroom and Camera RAW - ECA Digital Support workshop

In this workshop, you’ll get to grips with using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW to process RAW files. You’ll also get a general overview of the advantages of working with RAW files,…

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Epilog Fusion 60W and M2 120W Set Up Guide

Introduction to the Epilog Fusion 60W and M2 120W (Epilog laser 2 and 3, Maltings Workshop).

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Digital Printing in ECA

This workshop will give you a fundamental overview of digital print terminology and processes, and show you best practices for working with digital print services in ECA. We cover: Colour profiles…

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Graduate Shows 2022 Summary

A summary of our 2022 Graduate Shows.

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Welcome Week 2022 - ECA Health and Safety Induction

A Health and Safety induction from ECA's Health and Safety Officer, Al Brown.

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Welcome Week 2022 - Edinburgh College of Art Course Options Introduction

Stuart Bennett, Senior Tutor at Edinburgh College of Art, introduces ECA's course options for the 2022/23 academic year.

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Supporting diversity through the ECA Library Zine and Artists Books collection: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

Join ECA Academic Support Librarian Jane Furness to hear about the ECA Library artists’ books and zines collections and the ways in which they celebrate the diversity of makers working in these…

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Beverley Hood - It’s all about the feelings. Emotional AI session

Controversies in the Data Society 2022 Beverley Hood, Reader in Technological Embodiment & Creative Practice and Director of Research in Design, ECA

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