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G09 Yellow - Opening first Rube Goldberg lecture - final updated version from extension

In this video 9 people in our group created a device that could help us to open the first lecture on the Rube Goldberg Machine project on Learn. Durham Brown - Jiao Mo - Conrad McNally - Jay Jackson…

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G-24 Red - Submit the Project

Group Members: Bhavith Manapoty (s2027266) Josh Cohen (s2062790) Robert Courtney (s2055549) Lai Gan (s1917398) Sam Harvey (s2029584) Daniel Holek (s2097836) Zaid Khalid (s2019644) Aaron Speer…

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G15 Red - Roll a dice and sanitise hands

AGGARWAL Oleena - (s2085831) TENG Pingfan - (s2078106) CANGELOSI Stella - (s2017291) HUGHES MCCALLUM Erin - (s2068235) BANCI Peter - (s2099320) BUTTERS Matthew - (s2015218)

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G10 RED - British cup of tea with biscuits

Gleb Klementiev (s2098107) Shugo Kitahara (s2137693) Yuqing Sun (s2098367) Mirka Dobrodenkova (s2017659) Sammy Webb (s2063324) Sinatra Lee (s2026093) Hongyu Chen (s2051588) Zizhou Da (s2081174)

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G17 Red - Wash Your Hands

Member: Jianan Kang (s2108475) Sophia El-Qoraichi (s2060466) Jenna Tufnail (s2081467) Eugene Ho (s2018490) Fraser Tomlinson (s2097128) Tariq Al-Hazmi (s2104939) Zonghan Zhao (s2042477) Xiyue Ming…

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G12 Red - This is not the droid you're Looking for

G12 Red - This is not the droid you're Looking for Ethan Mcglinchey (s2057614)Ed Wardell (s2072334)Sayumi Rathinayake (s2062699)Freya Davie (s2072902)Lucy Mitchell …

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G03 Yellow - Play the Lecture!

Krzysztof Munko (s2067611) Xiaankang Cheng (s1934695) Jeremy Fragnay (s2102910) Zhaohan Wang (s2063191) Yasuo Sun (s2024053) Sunder Subramanian (s2019765) Taehun Kim (s2104147)

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Group 4 Yellow - Pouring cereal

Louis Parker (2052917) Ashley Dong (2015258) Borislava Georgieva (2063408) Josh Henderson (1958240) Thomas McLean (2096633) Daniel Milne (2067394) Lalit Mistry (2105398) Agnes Woo (1852192)

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G7 Red -- Morning Vitamin C

Jeremiah Brennan (s2050312) Matthew McDonald (s2082434) Zaid Aftab (s2046424) Zhengqi Mu (s1948157) Simone Fronteddu (s2091955) Fanzeng Zhu (s2097888) Fin Butler (s20657266) Cristina Nievas Molina…

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G05 Yellow - Beer Pong

Anisha Burgul (s2080326)Lek Gashi (s1938581)Joseph Leyshon (s2075057)Jack Lord (s2019824)Alexandros Myrillas (s2096672)Kristofers Simsons (s1979357)Peter Szabo (s2071128)Aliki Vlachopoulou…

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G22 Red – Light Up the Holidays

Antreas Papasavvas (s2070662); Craig Geddes (s2016569); Julien Dupin (s2029889); Zack Elf (s2048712); Kleitos Kountouris (s2044193); Oran Harold (s2081380); Imran Rosli (s2025912); Semyon Peresypkin…

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Group 01 Red - Making Cereal Final

Lin Cheng (2114912) Abby Cooper (2031074) Felix Hoare (2050013) Sunny Lo (2104834) Tasos Pilichos (2057295)` Merce Sanchez Oller (2087841) Maciej Walczuk (2106229) Yixuan Wang (2137882)

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G02 Yellow - Put the kettle on

Jiani Cheng – s2043153Charlotte Deiches – s2063960Haojin Lv – s2060590Doug Moore-Loizides – s2056313Ali Nadeem – s1951887Madhav Piplani – s2086361Gabriel Young…

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G08 Yellow - Play Credits

Uiseaann Cooke (s2104221), Sophie Ewen (s2074628), Charles Johnson (s1946219), Craig MacPherson (s2071296), Obvious Mbambo (s2065947), Catherine Newman (s2026305), George Towers (s2052045), Qi Zhang…

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G20 Yellow: Recycling toilet paper

Marco Antonio Bancalari-Ruiz (s2074492) Zane Ladhani (s1936733) Ashraf Noor Ilham Bin Mohd Nasir (s2014402) Peter Mills (s2051614) Adam Turian (s2099684) Saga-Stone Anderson (s2095176) Zhekai Duan…

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G 02 Red-Cup of Tea

Ruach Schofield - s2077812 Greg Lewis - s2137682 Loo Jin Al Christine - s2011497 Guo Peimin - s2045766 Wang Linyue - s2052486 Lebeault Louise - s2024633 Samuel Pinches - s2071083 Sedlacik Ondrej -…

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