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How do we feed 11 billion people well and sustainably?

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security has a range of level 8 courses suitable for students in years 1 & 2 of their studies. Content focuses on one of the biggest challenges…

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May 2021 Open Day - Data Science for Health and Social Care

Our suite of data-driven courses provides a foundation of knowledge and skills that will enable you to engage effectively with data-driven approaches in the health and social care sector. If you have…

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A Conversation on Technomoral Futures: Building Wisdom from Crisis. Centre for Technomoral Futures Launch Event 29/04/21

Watch the Centre for Technomoral Futures launch Event: A Conversation on Technomoral Futures: Building Wisdom from Crisis. We were joined by leaders, creators and innovators from academia,…

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#DDIdiscussions | Data-driven innovation in AI

Our #DDIdiscussions from May 19th discussed the role of Scottish Universities in the development of AI. Scotland's recently released AI strategy, the exciting development of the National…

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MI Interviews - Dr Mark Flear

Dr Mark Flear discusses his research interests and their relevance to real world issues with Gerard Porter of the Mason Institute. Please note: All interviews are from a personal perspective and…

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IAB2016 Promo

The 13th World Congress of Bioethics will explore what bioethics can contribute to individuals, public interests, and public goods – and Edinburgh is the perfect place to do it.

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Best Practice in Health Research Regulation

Liminal Spaces was a six-year Wellcome-funded project at Edinburgh Law School, which scrutinised regulatory systems that support human health research. The vision of the project was to deliver the…

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#DDIdisussions | Covid19 and Data: One Year On

As part of the #DDIdiscussions series DDI held a webinar on Wednesday 24th March. Twelve months from the national lockdown in spring 2020, we discussed the lessons learned and how far the pandemic…

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Episode 3: Jane Calvert and Rob Smith

In this episode we talk to Prof Jane Calvert and Dr Rob Smith who work in the department of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, also known as STS. Jane and Rob talk about the Crossing…

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DDI Town Hall Tuesday 16th March with Matjaz Vidmar and Fumi Kitagawa

DDI Town Hall on Tuesday, 16th March 2021 were joined by Matjaz Vidmar and Fumi Kitagawa, to present their recent studies conducted in the City Region identifying new opportunities for data-driven…

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James Stewart Thinking about Data Society 2021 Week 0

2020 Week 0 Thinking about Data Society 2021 James StewartControversies in the Data Society

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Introductory video for Innovation and Entrepreneurship course.

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MLP Q&A 1 - Session 5 (Week 11)

Machine Learning Practical Q&A 1 - Session 5 (Week 11).

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Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc

Learn more about the Advanced Technology for Financial Computing MSc in this overview presentation from Programme Director, Dr Tiejun Ma. This new programme from the School of Informatics will…

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Professional Skills for GAFS (1) - Week 2 - Tour 1/4

This is part 1/4 of the tour of the Easter Bush campus We apologise for the sound quality. Captions have been autogenerated.

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DDI Webinar : The role of data in global financial innovation

It's full steam ahead for the Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence in Edinburgh - awarded a £22.5m UK Research and Innovation grant.What will the Centre do? What exactly do we mean by…

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