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Horse sense - inaugural lecture of Professor Scott Pirie

Professor Scott Pirie tells the story of his career in equine clinical research. He shares progress on his equine asthma research and highlights of his work on grass sickness and intestinal…

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The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Pete Loftus, Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Instrumentation, Applied Metrology & Sensing

Sense in Sensing & Measures in Measurement Measurement has underpinned science, engineering, and commerce for millennia and solid progress continues to be made in its application and in the…

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B11. Chronic inflammation

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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B10. Acute inflammation

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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B2. Activation of an immune response

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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A7. Tissue structure & organisation

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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A3. Protein synthesis.mp4

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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A1. Genome structure & organisation.mp4

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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The LEAPS Student view: teaching and learning at university (subtitled)

LEAPS staff member Jenny asks our volunteer Olivia about teaching and learning at university, and how this is different from school.

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engage - Enhancing student participation in taught courses through active learning and reflective practices

Presented by Rachel Howell, Lecturer in Sociology / Sustainable Development, School of Social and Political Science & Ana Díaz Vidal, Undergraduate Student, School of Social and Political…

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Bellastock, ESALA Frictions Public Lecture

Living the Change: Circular Economy and Tactical Urbanism supporting the Ecological Transition of TerritoriesBellastock will share 15 years of experiments in circular economy and transitory urbanism…

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Brady Burroughs, ESALA Frictions Public Lecture

Bauhaus to Ninja Assassinating Seriousness in Architectural Education Brady Burroughs Humor has long been used as a critical tool by architectural critics, but can taking ourselves a little less…

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Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck: ESALA Public Lecture

Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck, Simpson Visiting Professors, speak in ESALA's Frictions Public Lecture Series.

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A Week in the Life of an Informatics Student - Sraddheya

Computer Science student, Sraddheya, tells us about a typical week in semester 1 of 1st year in the School of Informatics.

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Introduction to Lecture 7

Introduction to the Content and Concepts of Lecture 7

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Introduction to lecture 6

Introduction to the content and concepts covered in lecture 6

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