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DE Discussions: Derek Moore of Weblearning on South African context, and working in the in-between spaces of digital education

In this session, we were joined by Derek Moore of Weblearning, a South African digital education consultancy that was started in 2003 and whose preference is to author, adapt, adopt, remix and reuse…

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Book launch: Embodied Narratives Protecting Identity Interests through Ethical Governance of Bioinformation

A conversation between the author Emily Postan (Edinburgh School of Law), and colleagues John Appleby (Lancaster University) and Muriel Leuenberger (Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics) to mark…

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AI & Storytelling promo

A brief overview of the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) course Artificial Intelligence and Storytelling (AIST) delivered by its course organiser Dr. Pavlos Andreadis. for a preview on course…

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[22/23] AI & Storytelling - Opening Lecture

The 2022/23 Opening Lecture recording for the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) course Artificial Intelligence & Storytelling (AIST).

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Reimagining Waste Landscapes Seminar Series #6: Antonia Thomas - Bruck: The Art and Archaeology of Waste in Orkney

NOTE Captions are in process of being edited for typos! [postponed from 23 March]Abstract from Antonia Thomas: In this seminar I am going to discuss some of the ways in which we can think about…

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Inspiring story - Robby Steel

To be a doctor - or not to be a doctor!

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The Edinburgh Race Lectures: Representing Slavery in Contemporary Black British Women’s Plays - 26 November 2020

'Representing Slavery in Contemporary Black British Women’s Plays: Race, Responsibility, Reparations' by Lynette Goddard, Professor of Black Theatre and Performance at Royal Holloway,…

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Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference: Professor Edray Goins (Pomona College)

October 2020: Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference Professor Edray Goins (Pomona College) The Black Mathematician Chronicles: Our Quest to Update the MAD PagesThis talk has captions: You can…

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EBS Conversation: Why study Buddhist Stories?

A recording of the first of the Edinburgh Buddhist Studies "In conversation" series, featuring Dr Naomi Appleton (Edinburgh), Reiko Ohnuma (Dartmouth College) and Andy Rotman (Smith…

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Presentation on the significance of fieldwork in the construction of knowledge in human geography

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Guided Tour of the Learn Site 2020

Guided Tour of the Learn Site 2020

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Developing Your Data Skills Programme Participant Interview with Kay Douglas

Interview with Kay Douglas, School Liaison Associate, School of GeoSciences February, 2020 and

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Data Explorers - Asking Questions about Corona Virus Data

Data Education for School's Kate Farrell considers how we can support young people to understand corona virus data.

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Archives Chat: Louise Gardiner

As part of the campaign for International Archives Week, hosted by the International Council on Archives, this video is the second in a series of chats with users and stakeholders involved with the…

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The Sick Boy from the Avadanasataka

Naomi Appleton tells the story of the sick boy Vadika, the sixth story of the Indian Buddhist narrative collection known as the Avadanasataka. For a full translation see her book Many Buddhas, One…

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How to Script Online Learning Videos

If you have been tasked with creating learning content for an online environment, this series of videos will help you write, edit, and present clear and engaging scripts that convey your teaching and…

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