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'Role of Immune System in Depression: from mechanism towards new treatment', Dr Golam Khandaker

Immune system, particularly low-grade systemic inflammation, is implicated in pathogenesis of depression, schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders. Inflammation is thought to be a…

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Biology Without the Wells with Dr Nadanai Laohakunakorn

In this episode, Louis and Liz chat to Dr Nadanai Laohakunakorn about his journey from a background in physics to now leading a group in synthetic biology. He describes how he adapted his thinking…

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Psychoacoustic explorers: turning proteins into sounds with Edward Martin

In this episode, Rose Doyle (@RoseDoyle_) talks to BioPOD alumnus and PhD student Eddie Martin (@Sonifyed). They discuss different ways of visualising protein structures and how sound can help us get…

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B13. Introduction to transplantation immunology

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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B1. A healthy immune system

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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1. Extra resource_DNA replication.mp4

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Introduction to liver and cirrhosis

A lecture for MBChB

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Agnese Barbensi

Talk at kinetoplast DNA workshop (2-4 February 2022)

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Hepatitis Viruses

MBChB year 2 Nutrition & Digestion module

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Application of Deep-learning Architectures for Accurate Protein Structure Prediction

Speaker: Michael Herrera, School of Chemistry Abstract: Since the advent of structural biology, the atomic coordinates of only a fraction of the billions of known protein sequences have been…

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Hepatitis Viruses - Recording

MBChB year 2 N&D module

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DDC Session 9 Recording

Recording of Session 9 (Applications to chemistry II) of data-driven chemistry 2021-22.

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A2 Biomolecules: Proteins & Nucleotides

•Explain the structure and function of proteins •Explain the difference between essential and non-essential amino acids •Explain how proteins are synthesised •Explain the…

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EGS - Epidemiology

Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) Prof. Bruce McGorum Subtitles corrected

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Postcards from Network Theory - Ernesto Estrada

EMS online talk Ernesto Estrada (Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complexity, Palma de Mallorca) Postcards from Network Theory 21 May 2021 To remove the captions from this video press CC…

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C3. Microorganisms: viruses, prions and parasites

Integrity lecture C3

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