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Episode 1- First Day Nerves

A discussion about first days of placement, some useful tips and persona experiences. Skill of the day: Hand Hygiene

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Beyond The Scrubs Podcast - Pilot Episode

Discover the practical ins and outs of clinical assistantships and the transition to a foundation doctor with "Beyond the Scrubs." Hosted by clinical skills experts, our podcast offers a…

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General Council Half-Yearly Meeting.mp4

Saturday 17th February 2024 in the McEwan Hall. This was the final General Council meeting of the Rector, Ms Debora Kayembe. The Convener, Sir Philip Mawer, gave the report of the Business Committee.…

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Inaugural Lecture of Nehal Bhuta

Edinburgh Law School presents: The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Nehal BhutaRecovering Social RightsAbout the lectureDespite a flourishing in the constitutionalization and adjudication of social…

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Focus Group Demonstration

This video is an example of a focus group being run online. It shows the facilitator's note before and after the focus group, and a recording of the focus group itself. You can also download the…

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Qualitative data part 1

Qualitative data part 1

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Jisc Online Surveys V3 Overview

This 1 hour video gives an overview of how to log in to Jisc Online Surveys v3, how to create a survey in Jisc Online Surveys V3, how to use different question types, how to set up question and page…

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Doctoral College Town Hall Event for all PGR's - 23/1/24

Doctoral College Town Hall Event for all PGR's - 23/1/24

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2024 DRS LUNCHTIME SEMINARS - Session 1 - Digital Research Services

Sarah Janac, from Digital Research Services, Research Facilitator for CMVM, provides an overview on the Digital Research Services activities, the Research Facilitator capabilities and the DRS website…

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Introduction to R: Part 2

This video is Part 2/3. This event aligns with the Digital creation, problem solving and innovation competency on the University's Digital Skills Framework. This course is aimed for those who…

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Getting Help - Introduction to the Library for University Staff

How to get help with library questions from EdHelp, the Library Academic Support team and Research Support services. Opportunities the Library offers to develop your library and research skills.…

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CDCS Annual Lecture 2023: Mary Flanagan "How to See What's Missing"

Mary Flanagan - "How to See What's Missing" Abstract In "How to See What's Missing", artist and scholar Mary Flanagan discusses the investigation of artificial…

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British Council MSC in Digital Education Welcome Session

A recording of a recent (14 December 2023) session introducing the British Council scholarship students to the MSc in Digital Education as part of the Digital Education for change makers in…

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Questions Button

This video will demonstrate the features of the Questions button when presenting a Wooclap event. This includes duplicating existing questions and creating quick questions. Please note: Due to a…

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Witches in Word, not Deed - a series of 3 talks at University of Edinburgh library

This University of Edinburgh event was held on 24 November 2023 and focused on improving the representation of inspiring women online and celebrating the Central Library of Edinburgh's…

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Recruiting Diverse Teams Recording

Recruiting Diverse Teams Recording 29_11_2023

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