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Using Private Info with Arduino Code

This video explains one way of storing and using private info (passwords, API keys etc) more securely with Arduino projects.

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Expander graphs, modular forms and cryptography, Luca De Feo

This public lecture was part of the Foundations and Applications of Lattice-based Cryptography workshop at ICMS. We were delighted to welcome speaker Luca De Feo to give this talk. Alice and the…

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Rice Production: Transplanted Rice

As we mentioned when looking at lowland irrigated rice, the method of establishing the rice in nurseries and then transplanting into fields has higher methane emissions than direct seeding. In…

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Rice Production: Irrigated Lowland Rice

Rice is produced in a wide variety of biomes, and this led to a diversity in production systems. It is grown in high altitudes such as the Himalayas, as well as tropical, subtropical and temperate…

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Rice Production: Introduction

One of the largest quantities of grains produced globally is rice. Around 500 million tonnes of rice are consumed annually. Over a billion people rely on rice as a key element of daily diets. There…

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COP26 Debrief: Food Security with Dr Annis Richardson

In the second episode of our COP26, Chris (@donohoho) chats to Dr Annis Richardson (@Dr_AnnisR) about her research on food security. With climate change causing extreme weather, crop growth is…

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Benedetta Catanzariti: Coding the Face: Making Sense of Affective Data

Controversies in the Data Society

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Making the most of IT 2021

This video introduces new students to the main IT (information technology) and learning technology services at the university. Find out how to: Activate your email account and register for…

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Ross Anderson: Security Engineering and Machine Learning (ICSA Colloquium / SPT Seminar 17/06/21)

Statistical machine-learning techniques have been used in security applications for over 20 years, starting with spam filtering, fraud engines and intrusion detection. In the process we have…

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Security Engineering -- Trailer

A brief introduction to the concepts covered in our new course in Security Engineering (10 credits, Informatics UG4/5/MSc, Semester 2).

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Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust MSc

Learn about the Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust MSc at the School of Informatics in this presentation delivered by Programme Director, Myrto Arapinis. This MSc in Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust…

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How-To be secure at University

How-To be secure at University

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Global Health Challenges Intro Course - Big Food Part 2 2020-11-9

Big Food Pt 2: Lindsay Jaack

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Global Health Challenges Intro Course - Big Food Part 1 2020-11-9

Big Food Part 1: Lindsay Jaacks

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The Sustainability of Safety, Security and Privacy | Professor Ross Anderson | Distinguished Lecture | School of Informatics

Recording of Research and the “AI Revolution” - a School of Informatics Distinguished Lecture presented by Professor Christopher Bishop on 5 October 2020. Ross Anderson is Professor of…

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Sustainable Food Systems

Dr Fiona Borthwick introduces you to the key stages of the food system and how they are linked. We will look at the increasing global nature of food systems, the basic concept of sustainability and…

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