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Mapping the Scottish Reformation

A video interview with Chris Langley and Mikki Brock, co-directors of the Mapping the Scottish Reformation project.

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Course Options in the History of Christianity at the School of Divinity (3 mins)

A short overview of three courses in the History of Christianity on offer at the School of Divinity: History of Christianity as a World Religion 1A, History of Christianity as a World Religion 1B,…

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Course options: Religious Studies

Introducing the courses "Studying Religions", "Global Indigenous Religions" and "Religions of Ancient India"

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Course Options: Theology, Philosophy and Ethics

School of Divinity courses - Theology, Philosophy and Ethics

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Decolonising Divinity: A Roundtable Discussion

On March 9, 2021, colleagues from the School of Divinity held a roundtable discussion around the topic of “Decolonising Divinity.” Jointly sponsored by Religious Studies, Islam and…

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Science and Religion Seminar: Tripp Fuller

Dr Tripp Fuller (Edinburgh) discusses 'Nature and Trajectories of Bifurcation' in this Science and Religion Seminar. (Session filmed on 11/1/21)

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IDS - Week 05 - 05 - Recoding data

Review of data import, data types, and classes with a case study involving recoding data

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Divinity - History of Christianity as a World Religion 1A and 1B

These two paired courses – one each semester – together provide students with a comprehensive view of the global Christian movement in time and space. Part A (ECHS08004) covers the period…

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Divinity - Religion in Modern Britain

The aim of this course (REST08018) is to introduce students to a range of religious formations as they tackle particular 'issues' arising from modernity in British contexts. Introduced by…

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Religion Violence and Peacebuilding

In this course (DIVI08001) students investigate the relations between religion, violence and building peace. Introduced by Course Organiser Prof Jolyon Mitchell.

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Divinity - Introduction: Director of UG Studies, School of Divinity

An introduction to the courses available at the School of Divinity, in the areas of Theology and Religious Studies, and a few words about teaching delivery during our hybrid semester.

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Divinity - Jews and Muslims: Religions, Cultures, Histories

This course (REST08022) introduces students to two traditions which originated in the same geographical area and which share a range of concepts, but whose historical trajectories differ…

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'Poetry & Religion' - Dr Linden Bicket

Dr Linden Bicket discusses Gerard Manley Hopkins's poem 'God's Grandeur' in this short taster lecture.

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'Science and Religion at New College' - Rev Dr Michael Fuller

Senior Teaching Fellow Rev Dr Michael Fuller asks: Are Science and Religion in conflict or can they come together to address our biggest questions?

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MMS Week 9: Transcendence and Exceptional Experiences

Transcendence and Exceptional Experiences

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