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Resilience After Trauma: The Emerging Science of Dose

Scientists now recognize that the impact of trauma is best thought of in terms of dosage, with each subsequent trauma exposure adding to the harm, in part because of the biological impacts of…

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HealthyR demo: stringR

Data and code at:

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2.3.1 Heritage as processual

Heritage as processual FIRST CUT

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Jane Atkins plays Georg Philip Telemann, Fantasie No.1, Largo and Allegro.

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Computational Interlude 1 part 1

First part of computational interlude 1 lecture for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Jia Loy.

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John Kitchen plays Jacques Duphly, La Forqueray.

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John Kitchen plays Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Polonaise in D minor.

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Ukulele and Jarana

A short history of how European stringed instruments developed in America and Hawaii.

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You’ve probably heard of instrument tuning, but what is involved, and why and how do we do it?

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Inside the Harpsichord

Ever wondered what happens inside a harpsichord? In this video, you will discover how a harpsichord’s action works to produce its unique sound.

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Has the Violin Changed?

The violin has been around for almost 500 years, yet seems to have changed very little – or has it? Explore some of the alternative violins that have been made and discover why they were…

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BMC BAMC 2021 Nathalie Wahl

6-9 April, BMC BAMC 2021. This is the BMC Morning Talk by Nathalie Wahl (Copenhagen). Strings in Manifolds. This recording is subtitled. If you wish to remove the captions, click the CC button on…

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Distortion , Signals and Signal Processing

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Distillation Lecture 2 2020 part 3

Distillation Lecture 2 2020 part 3

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CL - 15f - R* -- Iteration

We construct an NFA for R*; then summarize the algebra of regular expressions.

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CL - 15e - RS -- Concatenation

We use ε-transitions to connect two NFA and create a machine that recognises the concatenation of their languges.

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