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An introduction to the Digital Education programme from Jeremy Knox

This video is designed to introduce new students to the Digital Education programme and is delivered by Dr Jeremy Knox, Programme Director.

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Open Education Awards for Excellence: Open Curation / Repository - University of Edinburgh

The OER Services video submission for the Open Education Awards for Excellence: Open Curation / Repository.

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(PGR only) ELSIS: How-to Develop Your Writing for Research

English Language Support for International Students (ELSIS) Coordinator Cathy Benson explains how to sign up to develop your academic English in order to more successfully communicate your research. …

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Vice Principal's Welcome for New Online Postgraduate Students 2021

Professor Colm Harmon, Vice Principal Students for the University of Edinburgh, welcomes new online postgraduate students to the University in session 2021/22.

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Reactions to Curriculum Conceptualisations - Dr Tim Fawns

Dr. Tim Fawns is Deputy Programme Director of the MSc in Clinical Education and part-time tutor on the MSc in Digital Education. He is also the director of the international Edinburgh…

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Introduction to Key Concepts 5: Meditation and Puja

A recording of the final session in the series "Key Concepts in Buddhism for RMPS Teachers".

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Hybrid teaching tech test @CL 2.02


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Introduction to Key Concepts 4: Eightfold Path and Five Precepts

A recording of the fourth session in our series "Key Concepts in Buddhism for RMPS Teachers", on the subject of Buddhist morality and good conduct, the eightfold path and five precepts.

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Kobi Gal: AI for Online Collaborative Group Learning

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Collaborative student learning has been shown to lead to significant academic benefits among students, and to…

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Sarah Aitchison, Head of UCL Special Collections

Sarah Aitchison Head of UCL Special Collections LMS Spitalfields meeting 14 May 2021 To remove the captions from this video press CC on the bottom toolbar.

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Video Abstract - Teaching about Wicked Problems

A video abstract for this research paper: Velda McCune, Rebekah Tauritz, Sharon Boyd, Andrew Cross, Peter Higgins& Jenny Scoles (2021): Teaching wicked problems in higher education: ways of…

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Introduction to Key Concepts 3: Samsara, Kamma and Nibbana

A recording of the third session in our series on Key Concepts in Buddhism for RMPS teachers. The session was held on 13th April and had the theme "Samsara, Kamma and Nibbana".

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Practical Strategies for Teaching about Wicked Problems - 2

One of three recordings from a workshop about Teaching about Wicked Problems

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Digital Education Programme Podcast 8: The one where we speak to Vilius Slapelis about his travels, his work, and his future aspirations

Episode 8 of the programme podcast has me speaking with the ever-affable and exceptionally well-traveled Vilius Slapelis. Vilius walks us through his past travels, his current teaching practice…

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Dr Lyndsay Grant 'Anticipating educational futures through data – targets, predictions and probabilities'

Speaker: Dr Lyndsay Grant (University of Bristol) with Dr Ben Williamson (Chair)This seminar tool place on 31st March 2021AbstractThis talk focuses on how educational futures were anticipated and…

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