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Predicting the usage of healthcare services using neural networks and nationwide healthcare register data

Speaker: Pekka Marttinen, Aalto University. Abstract: Accurately predicting the need for healthcare services is important, to allocate the limited resources fairly and efficiently. In this…

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Learning mixtures and DNA copy-numbers from bulk sequencing of tumor samples

Speaker: Brian Arnold, Senior Data Scientist, Princeton University. Abstract: As tumors expand, they evolve via the accumulation of copy-number aberrations (CNAs; amplifications or deletions…

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A model for academic-industry partnerships to deliver clinical AI solutions that are fit for purpose

Speaker:Carlo Tacchetti, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Abstract: A correct assessment of patients’ diagnostic, prognostic, and therapy response to standard of care treatments, must…

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Biomedical Sciences Offer Holder Information (2022 Entry)

Information for offer holders to our undergraduate Biomedical Sciences programme.

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The role of the NHS AI Lab

Speaker: Eleonora Harwich, Head of Collaborations, NHS AI Lab| NHSX In this session, the speaker will explore the progress made in the UK in terms of the adoption of artificial intelligence in…

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Application of Deep-learning Architectures for Accurate Protein Structure Prediction

Speaker: Michael Herrera, School of Chemistry Abstract: Since the advent of structural biology, the atomic coordinates of only a fraction of the billions of known protein sequences have been…

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Developing new speech signal processing algorithms for biomedical and life sciences applications: principles, findings, challenges, and a view to the future

Speaker: Thanasis Tsanas, Usher Institute Abstract: Biomedical speech signal analysis has been gaining increasing momentum in the last 10-15 years. In this talk, I will focus on the key…

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Deanery of Biomedical Sciences

Deanery of Biomedical Sciences course options 2021. See for further information.

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Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Infertility

This talk will first describe the path of Dr Alexandra Boussommier from being a researcher to an entrepreneur. We will then discuss ImVitro, the company she founded in 2019 that aims at using AI to…

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DataLoch: using routine data to help drive improvements in healthcare

Speakers: Kathy Harrison, DataLoch programme manager, Usher Institute. Atul Anand, DataLoch clinical lead, Centre for Cardiovascular Science.Abstract:The NHS in Scotland is facing the prospect of…

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Scripting the Use of Medical Technology – The Case of Data-based Clinical Decision Support Systems

Speaker: Kevin Wiggert, Department of Sociology of Technology and Innovation, Technical University of Berlin. Abstract: Newly developed Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSSs), which are supposed…

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Advanced Care Research Centre: interdisciplinary research in later life care

Populations are rapidly ageing internationally, with the number of older people in the UK predicted to double in the next decade. Even before COVID-19, health and social care systems were already…

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UKRI CDT in Biomedical AI

Learn more about the UKRI CDT in Biomedical AI in this presentation by Dr Ian Simpson, CDT Director, followed by an informative Q&A session. Originally recorded in November 2020. …

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Advanced computational approaches for understanding allele-specific biology of complex diseases

Speaker:Dr Shilpa Garg, Harvard Medical School & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Reconstructing the complete phased sequences of every chromosome copy in human and non-human species are important…

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Professor Richard Ribchester's retiral lecture and tributes

Lecture by Prof Richard Ribchester entitled 'Unfinished business', followed by tributes to Richard from his colleagues. Recorded at the Euan MacDonald Centre / Centre for Discovery Brain…

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Microorganisms, Infection and Immunity 2

For students interested in host-pathogen interaction and infectious diseases. Runs in semester 2, 20 credits.

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