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Functional Genomics for drug target identification by Professor Kenneth Baillie

Title: Functional Genomics for drug target identification Speaker: Professor Kenneth Baillie, Personal Chair of Experimental Medicine, University of Edinburgh Abstract: Most drugs work by…

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Genomic selection in plant breeding

The following audio recording is delivered by Chris Gaynor, a senior data scientist at Bayer Crop Science. While working at The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, he developed the AlphaSimR package and…

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TestEd expert update - 7 June 2022

(Recorded 7 June 2022) Professor Linda Bauld, John Usher Chair of Public Health, shares her insights on the latest developments in Scotland relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. This week's video…

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Nicolai Siegel

Talk at kinetoplast DNA workshop (2-4 February 2022)

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Randomisation - STACK Tutorial

In this STACK Tutorial, you will learn how to work with randomisation and deployed variants. Learn more about STACK: the STACK Demo:…

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