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Data Governance Challenges in ‘Data-Driven’ Farming

[In Progress - Please Do Not Share] Food Facts - Module 3 Mini-lecture by Aditya Singh for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork

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Using Bulk Create in Canva (Pro or Teams)

A 5 minute quick overview on using the Bulk Create functionality in Canva.

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Course Options: A helping hand

Course Options: A helping hand

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Speaking Out - Safe Space

Speaking Out - Safe Space

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HealthyR demo: Global Map

Data and code at:

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Race vs. The Human – 9 February 2022

9 February 2022 Speaker: Dr Deanne Bell, Nottingham Trent University Co-Chaired by: Dr Katucha Bento and Dr rashné limke, University of Edinburgh In coloniality, there is a need to conflate…

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Professor Jenni Quint on phenotyping algorithms

Professor Jenni Quint explains the importance of phenotyping algorithms, and introduces the HDR UK phenotype library.

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Vicky Fasen-Hartmann EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Vicky Fasen-Hartmann Talk Title: Tail probabilities of random linear functions of regularly varying random…

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Dissertaion festival: introduction to NVivo for qualitative data analysis

This session covered: why use software like Nvivo importing data files creating and using nodes for coding basic but very useful outputs for sharing and discussion with supervisors: coded data…

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IDS - Week 05 - 01 - Keeping up with IDS

Keeping up with IDS - Week 5

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CL - Lecture 3f - Presenting your justifications and counterexamples

In this video, we label each region in the Venn diagram with a number from 0 to 7. We can then present our justifications and counter-examples by referring to those 8 regions.

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CL - Lecture 1.c - Encodings

In this video, we revisit the chess set to introduce another encoding. We introduce decision trees and compare the two codings.

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Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSELecture 1 Introduction (Part II)

Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSE Lecture 1 Introduction (Part II)

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Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSE, Lecture 1 Introduction (Part I)

Fire Safety Engineering 4|IMFSELecture 1 Introduction (Part I)

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Axilla - Brachial Plexus

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