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Student Recruitment

A look at the new 'Extraordinary' student recruitment campaign with Heather Macbain. We talk concept, development and asset usage and take you through the new Canva templates created to…

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Lower bounds for symmetric arithmetic circuits - Anuj Dawar

Mathematical Approaches to Lower Bounds: Complexity of Proofs and Computation Lower bounds for symmetric arithmetic circuits by Anuj Dawar, University of Cambridge

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Movement and gait 2021

Mr Gavin Brown

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GAGTA 14 Markus Lohrey

7-11 June 2021, GAGTA 14 2021 Markus Lohrey Groups with hard compressed word problems This recording is in the process of being subtitled. Subtitles will be available in due course.

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Rafail Kartsioukas EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Rafail Kartsioukas Talk Title: On the rate of concentration of maxima in Gaussian arrays Abstract: It has…

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ASR Lecture 12

ASR Lecture 12: Neural Networks for Acoustic Modelling 3

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General Council | February 2011 | The Very Reverend Gilleasbuig Macmillan

Gilleasbuig Iain Macmillan, CVO, FRSE is a minister of the Church of Scotland. Since 1973 he has served as Minister of St Giles' Cathedral, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is Dean of the Thistle and…

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CL - 22 - Tseytin Satisfaction DPLL


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MLP Lecture 10

Recurrent Neural Networks 2

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CL - 14a - Tseytin Week 9

In the second video, we show how the Tesytin procedure can be implemented elegantly in Haskell.

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CL - 11d - Tseytin

Description Pending

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Movement and gait

Walking and running gaits, movement during sports

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Pharmacology 3: Drugs Acting on Ion Channels Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Voltage-gated ion channel structure and function.

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Powerpoint to Learn workflow - via Media Hopper Create for Captioning

This video covers how to export your powerpoint recordings, and get them into Learn, via Media Hopper Create. This video does not cover how to record the videos in Powerpoint.

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