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Copyright and Social Media (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

This Copyright and Social Media session is well-suited for those who require a basic understanding of copyright law and licensing when using works from social media (or from the internet, in general)…

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Public Domain

There is a wealth of content in the public domain, but what does it mean and how does it apply to you? Find out how creative works can be dedicated to the public domain, and about the annual…

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Closed and Open Spaces

When using creative works in education, it's important to know whether they're within a closed or open space. Discover the key differences, and what kinds of materials you can use in each…

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Copyright and the University

Copyright applies in different ways, depending on your role within the University. Find out how copyright works if you're a student, researcher or employee. You can use the bookmark (burger)…

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What Is Copyright?

Copyright is a type of intellectual property (IP) right that protects the rights of authors of original creative works. Find out how it applies, how to spot it, and where to find more information…

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Using Images

One of the greatest collaborative Design Community forums, with 3 guest presenters and our very own Marie Storrar. Find out about copyright from Eugen Stoic, some great advice on image capture and…

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Creating Edinburgh: Introduction to Open Educational Resources

A short introduction to creating, finding and using open educational resources for the Creating Edinburgh: The Interdisciplinary City course.

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Introduction to copyright (Library Bitesize)

This recording provides an overview on the fundamentals of copyright as it applies to students and academic researchers in terms of writing dissertations/theses, journal articles and…

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3.3 Code Commons and Law

Internet and Society 2021

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Building blocks of UK Copyright: Using, Resuing, & Infringement

This video in the Building Blocks of UK Copyright series, looks at copyright infringement, what it means, and how to avoid it.

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Building blocks of UK Copyright

This video explains what copyright means, what it protects, how long that protection lasts in the UK, and how it protects the rights of creators

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Applying a licence on Media Hopper Create

Short screen capture of applying a copyright or licence statement when uploading content to Media Hopper Create.

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Licensing Options on Media Hopper Create Explained

Short overview of the copyright and licence statements that can be applied to content uploaded onto Media Hopper Create.

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Death and resurrection of Journalism

Emanuel Karlsten Journalist, social media expert and digital advisor How the controversial Copyright directive explained why journalism is worth funding.

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CCCF 2019: Careers in Film and TV

Recording of the panel session 'Careers in Film & TV' from CCCF 2019.

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Will it bite me? Media, licensing, and online teaching environments 4: Finding OER

Part 4 of a series of four videos covering content provide in the 'Will it bite me?' information session to provide teaching staff with the information and tools to use copyright and…

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