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Curriculum Development Reflections (Walsh)

Curriculum Development Reflections (Walsh)

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The Maths of Life and Death, Kit Yates

ICMS welcome Kit Yates (Bath) for a talk on Maths of Life and Death. This Public Lecture was part of the September 2021 Early Career Workshop - Modelling Diffusive Systems: Theory & Biological…

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Promoting TestEd to our students and staff

A message from Vice-Principal Colm Harmon to new and returning students about the new opportunity to take part in TestEd, a less invasive method of testing for Covid.

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Preventing COVID-19 misinformation: A panel with Wikipedia, public health experts, and news media

Preventing misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic: How Wikipedia, public health SpeakersDr. Sanjay Gupta (moderator), CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Julio Frenk, Mexico’s…

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Alexander Bell

A short documentary considering mental health in the context of coronavirus and how sports (with an emphasis on mountain biking) can help. Includes interviews with sports figures.

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COVID-19 Vaccination: Ethics in Practice in a Time of Pandemic in the UK and Ireland

COVID-19 Vaccination: Ethics in Practice in a Time of Pandemic in the UK and Ireland Speakers Include: Professor David Archard, Chair, Nuffield Council on Bioethics, UK and Emeritus Professor…

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May 2021 Open Day - MSc Integrated Global Health

This part-time online programme provides you with an understanding of how different disciplinary areas often need to come together to investigate, develop, and deliver best practice responses to…

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Ronan Hill

An information video created for children to help explain how you can stay safe from coronavirus.

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Google COVID

Tutorial for EUDACT

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Research during the Pandemic: Living through Covid - A reflection from a Nurse Director's perspective

Professor Alex MaMahon, Executive Nurse Director for NHS Lothian, reflects on the Covid pandemic from his perspective. This webinar was delivered to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day 2021.

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ICTD21 Jean Bruce

Jean Bruce talks about her journey into clinical research and highlights some of her responsibilities as Clinical Research Nurse Manager for NHS Lothian.

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HoDoMS 2021: Rebecca Hoyle

Subtitles will be added soon. V-KEMS: Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences Rebecca Hoyle

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Digital Education Programme Podcast 8: The one where we speak to Vilius Slapelis about his travels, his work, and his future aspirations

Episode 8 of the programme podcast has me speaking with the ever-affable and exceptionally well-traveled Vilius Slapelis. Vilius walks us through his past travels, his current teaching practice…

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engage: Engaging students through innovative assessment choice in the Currents: understanding and addressing global changes course

Dr Andy Cross, Post-doctoral Research Associate / Teaching Development Fellow, School of Geosciences

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Chris Dent and Ben Swallow : Modelling for Policy - Learning from COVID and Energy

Prof Chris Dent (Mathematics) and Dr Ben Swallow and Wen Xiang (Mathematics, Glasgow University)Controversies inthe Data Society 20201…

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