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IDS - Week 01 - 01 - Welcome to IDS! (2021)

Welcome to Introduction to Data Science 2021 at the University of Edinburgh!

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PoS1 2021_2 Intro Video_1

Introduction to PoS 1 2021_2

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CogSci lecture 1 part 1

first part of the first lecture for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22

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Welcome to the Curriculum Transformation Hub Student Landing Page

Tara Gold welcomes students to the Curriculum Transformation Programme Hub

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GeoSciences - Physical Geography Course Options in 2021

This video provides an introduction to 3 Human Geography courses that are available to students across the university as outside courses. Physical Geography (Y1):…

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Learning Ecology Through Art Lesson 2

This video is one of two videos that Louise Litrico made as part of the Geosciences Outreach course as part of an Undergraduate degree at Edinburgh University. The resource is called 'Learning…

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M&M Episode 26: The one where we talk to Dr Glaire Anderson

The twenty-sixth episode of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast sees us talking with Dr Glaire Anderson about her incredible work at the intersections of the digital, history, art and…

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Careers Compass: Become Professional

Careers Compass: Become Professional (0:40)

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Tour of Usher PGT virtual learning environment

Are you thinking of studying online with us? Watch a seven-minute overview of our virtual learning environment, presented by Chris Sheridan, one of the expert Learning Technologists supporting our…

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Extremes of Stochastic Processes: Lanpeng Ji

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Lanpeng Ji Talk Title: Extrema of multi-dimensional Gaussian processes over random…

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Natural Hazards and Impacts: Marie Ekstrom

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Marie Ekstrom Talk Title: Capturing Elements of Weather-Related Risks in a Climate Change…

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Thomas Hall

A short film with drawings and voiceover exploring impacts of the coronavirus especially on the arts and environment.

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DataLoch: using routine data to help drive improvements in healthcare

Speakers: Kathy Harrison, DataLoch programme manager, Usher Institute. Atul Anand, DataLoch clinical lead, Centre for Cardiovascular Science.Abstract:The NHS in Scotland is facing the prospect of…

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Building blocks of UK Copyright: Exceptions

This video explains why we have copyright exceptions in the UK, the concept of Fair Dealing, and looks at a few exceptions including quotation, criticism and review, illustration for education, and…

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History course options 2021

Information about the first-year History courses available to outside students

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Archaeology option courses 2021

Listen to Head of Archaeology Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz as he introduces you to the Archaeology options courses available in 2021.

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