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Dr Lyndsay Grant 'Anticipating educational futures through data – targets, predictions and probabilities'

Speaker: Dr Lyndsay Grant (University of Bristol) with Dr Ben Williamson (Chair)This seminar tool place on 31st March 2021AbstractThis talk focuses on how educational futures were anticipated and…

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10.2a Worlds of Wonder: Renaissance European Ethnographies

This lecture considers how Europeans understood the peoples of the new world, India and sub-Saharan Africa, showing how they lumped together these peoples in a rather imprecise way, and were curious…

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The topography of terror as a space

A video ethnographic study of the Topography of Terror and how it provides a space for particular interactions with the history of Berlin. Made by Jessica Friell, Megan Gilmour, Daisy Waggett

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The East Side Gallery: rhythms and interactions

A video ethnographic study of the East Side Gallery in Berlin. Examining the everyday life and forms of work that place around the section of wall that serves as a gallery but also support many other…

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Food and the Refugee experience

A video ethnographic study of how projects use food to build bridges between refugees and the residents of Berlin. Made by Ella Barron, Louisa Woolf, Laura Disney

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Escaping the Concrete Jungle

A video ethnographic study of two alternative garden spaces in Berlin. Made by Lizzy Batchelor, Brooke Lovegrove-Fielden, Eliza Bonsall

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Language in the Market

A video ethnographic study of how language is used in a marketplace in Berlin. Made by Melanie Barrin, Jack Friend, Florrie Slater

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60 minute documentary Mexico 2006

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Instagram and Cafe Culture

An ethnographic study of the relationship between Instagram and cafe culture in Berlin. It examines how photography and social media have changed the everyday practices of cafe customers and at the…

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The U-Bahn

Podcast from the Advanced Ethnography 4th year research elective. A study of travelling on the Berlin U-Bahn.

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AccSoc1 LV4.1 - Cultural Diversity

Access Programme - Access Social Sciences 1 - Lecture Video 4.1

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Working the System: A Political Ethnography of the New Angola - Jon Schubert

Centre of African Studies seminar Dr Jon Schubert (University of Geneva) Working the System offers key insights into the politics of the everyday in twenty-first-century dominant party and…

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The Berlin field class is a research elective in Geography Degree Programme at the University of Edinburgh that provides final year honours students with an opportunity to develop advanced skills in…

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Professor David Williamson Shaffer - Quantitative Ethnography

The ability to teach and assess the development of complex thinking skills is crucial for 21st century educational research. In the age of educational games and the Big Data they generate, we have…

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