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Library Bitesize: Searching grey literature for reviews and evidence synthesis

This session provides an overview of grey literature sources and some aspects to consider while integrating grey literature in your evidence synthesis or literature review. We demonstrate a practical…

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Qualitative Evidence Synthesis - Approaches for synthesising results of qualitative studies

Presenter: Dr Janet Perkins Description: Qualitative research is increasingly recognised as valuable knowledge for health policy and decision-making, but it requires appropriate handling…

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Livestock evidence synthesis and AI

[In Progress - Please Do Not Share] Food Facts - Module 3 Mini-lecture by Louise Donnison for the free online course 'Food Facts: From Farm to Fork

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Paragogy, Open Education, Ungrading

A talk for the University of Edinburgh Learning Technology Community, Monday 25th March 2024 14:00-15:00 Resources:Blum, S. D. (2016). "I love learning; I hate school" : an anthropology of…

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BRAID x IDI Hybrid Seminar Series - Dr Bronwyn Jones 14 March 2024

BRAID x Design Informatics Hybrid seminars launch - Dr Bronwyn Jones, hosted by Prof Ewa Luger, gives her talk 'What's new in news? How AI is impacting journalism' on 14 March 2024.

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ESO learning online

Edinburgh Surgery Online graduates explain what it was like to learn online.

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Thinking about a Career in Tech and Data Feb 2024

2024 Tech and Data Labour Market update from Careers Consultant Rebecca Clacy-Jones

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Week 6 - Video 2

Roman Egypt; Essays

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Week 6 - Video 1

Roman Egypt - Essays

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Week 1 Video 1 (Introduction)

Week 1 Video 1 (Introduction)

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Introduction to the Evaluation of Digital Transformation Programmes

Introduction to the Evaluation of Digital Transformation Programmes

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Open Lecture Series | The Evolution of Language | 15.11.23

Chris Smith, Head of English Language Pre-Sessional at the Centre for Open LearningWednesday 15 November 2023This lecture will provide an overview of how the capacity for language evolved in humans.…

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UNCOVER Workshop: building searches in different databases

This workshop includes presentation and discussion. In the presentation, we cover: the two main types of search structures (set searching and paragraph searching) and how to decide…

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Essay Writing: The Basics

This is a short video which is intended for those who find themselves worrying about undertaking an essay assessment. Perhaps it is not the type of assessment that you happen to be used to, or…

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Atolls as Living Lab - Nitrogen Pollution

In this interview with Professor Sandy Tudhope from the University of Edinburgh, we are going to be looking at the following key questions: Why are coral atolls vulnerable to climate and…

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SR course 8c - Tools for narrative synthesis

sr course

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