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Celebrating 40 Years of Mason and McCall Smith’s Law and Medical Ethics

In this video, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first publication of Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics. It is the UK’s leading textbook in medical law and ethics,…

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Cisinformed: Disinformation and the Media War on Transgender Rights

Misinformation is the defining feature of public discourse on transgender people and their rights in the United States and the United Kingdom today and the foremost obstacle to advancing the cause of…

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Working with Children and Young People for Social Justice

Dr Andie Reynolds discusses how her course, Working with Children and Young People for Social Justice, enables students to critically understand and evaluate the core challenges of working with…

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Make Theory Work for You - SJCA Podcast

Callum McGregor and Barbara Becnel talk about her research in prison reform and street culture.

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Teaching that Matters for Refugee Students

This hybrid workshop was co-organised by the Social Justice and Inclusion Thematic Hub and the Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students project under the Centre for Research in Education Inclusion…

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Sophie - Graduate in Theology, School of Divinity. Part 4

In this clip Sophie talks about her future and why she thinks theology is such a useful subject to study

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CJS Seminar: Deborah Russo

The Crime, Justice & Society Seminar Series presents Isolation in Scottish prisons through a letter-writing project Deborah Russo, University of Edinburgh and member of the Scottish…

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CJS Seminar: Lindsay Farmer

The Crime, Justice & Society Seminar Series presents Calculative agency and moral fault: responsibility in market offences Prof Lindsay Farmer, University of Glasgow About the…

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CJS Seminar: Teresa Degenhardt

The Crime, Justice & Societey Seminar Series presents The role of covid-19 and Brexit in changing dynamics in the selection of migrants in detention in Northern Ireland - a call for an…

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Actions that change systems

The final event in The Future of Climate Justice series took place online with an extended community of climate justice leaders who share and examine the actions that can change systems.Climate…

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Reparation and Equality

This panel event opened the third in the University’s Futures Conversations series and discussed how progress could be made on the back of COP26.The first Future of Climate Justice conversation…

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Edinburgh Law School: In Conversation - Professor Harold Kongju Koh on Ukraine v. Russian Federation

In February 2022, Ukraine requested an urgent decision from the International Court of Justice ordering Russia to halt all military action after its invasion that same month. The request was made on…

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Opening of the Academic Year Alumni Lecture 2022/23: Reckoning with Reparations

The inaugural Opening of the Academic Year Alumni Lecture took place on Friday, 16 September 2022 with a lecture from Professor Eric J. Miller, Leo J. O’Brien Fellow at Loyola Law School (LLB,…

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Sustainability Story 2: Zarina Ahmad (Revisited)

Zarina Ahmad, climate change communicator and PhD researcher at the University of Manchester, discusses her work and contribution to tackling the climate crisis. Here, she is speaking in 2021 and…

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Ukraine Crisis Rapid Reaction Briefing Session - Edinburgh Law School

The Edinburgh Centre for International and Global Law and the Global Justice Academy present Ukraine Crisis Rapid Reaction Briefing Session Experts from the University of Edinburgh Law…

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Student's Guide to Climate Action

This event features youth activists, speakers and panellists who are leading the global push to tackle the climate emergency, and provide insights on how young people can take action regardless of…

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