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(UG/PG) How-to get involved in societies

Join your Students' Association's Vice President Activities and Services Réka for the low-down on student societies, from how you can get involved, to how many you should join, and…

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(UG & PG) How-to find somewhere to live

If you don't have somewhere in Edinburgh to live in September, join the Advice Place and your Students' Association Vice President Community Beth for advice and support with flat hunting,…

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Edinburgh College of Art course options 2021/22

Dee Isaacs, Senior Tutor at Edinburgh College of Art, introduces ECA's course options for the 2021/22 academic year.

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Linguistics and English Language first year course options

Introduction to the LEL1A and LEL1B first year courses in Linguistics and English Language

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Centre for World Christianity, African International University #YaleEdin2021

This video of the Centre for World Christianity at African International University, is part of a series of videos prepared in advance of the 2021 Yale-Edinburgh Group annual conference on…

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ECGH 20201 Annual Lecture in the History of Slavery (Professor Ana Lucia Araujo)

Edinburgh Centre for Global History Annual Lecture in the History of Slavery, 21 April 2021 Professor Ana Lucia Araujo, Howard University In this lecture, Professor Ana Lucia Araujo draws from her…

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Introduction to Special Collections (LibSmart II)

This video provides an introduction to the three main components of Special Collections: archives, manuscripts and rare books. The video explains what these terms mean, and is illustrated by examples…

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(Part 1) Neolithic Megasites from Ukraine to Iberia

Video by Manuel Fernandez-Gotz for 'The Origins of Agriculture: Reconsidering the Neolithic'

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Finding Digitised Special Collections (Dissertation Festival 2021)

This online presentation discuss the different ways you can find digitised rare books, archives and manuscripts online.

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Lecture 9 part 3 Kaltura Capture recording - March 13th 2021, 1:02:49 pm

lecture 9 part 3

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Lecture 9 part 1 Kaltura Capture recording - March 12th 2021, 10:54:35 pm

lecture 9 part 1

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The Carbon Cycle

Climate Change Solutions

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CP2 Experiment 3 Debrief 20210226

Q&A on experiment 3

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Beyond GIS: Limits and Possibilities of Geospatial Research of Colonial Latin America

A CDCS Seminar from Maria José Afanador-Llach (Univerisdad de los Andes, Bogotá-Colombia).Researchers of the colonial period in Spanish America face the challenge of comprehending the…

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10.3a A Sapi-Portuguese Salt Cellar

In this video, we consider an ivory salt cellar made in current-day Sierra Leone for a Portuguese audience.

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CL - Review 2 - Venn Apples

Venn diagrams on a sphere.

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