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Lecture on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

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Internet and Society Week 1 Introduction, 1.1 and 1.2

Week 1 Video

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Book launch: Millicent Garrett Fawcett: Selected Writings

About the EventA joint CDCS and genderEd online event.In conversation with Professor Fiona Mackay (University of Edinburgh School of Political Science), Professor Melissa Terras (Edinburgh College of…

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2.1.1 Cultural heritage and climate change relations: Loss, Adaptation and Creativity

Professor David C. Harvey provides a brief overview of cultural heritage and climate change relations. David C. Harvey is an Associate Professor in Critical Heritage Studies at Aarhus Universitet,…

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2.3.1 Heritage as processual

Heritage as processual FIRST CUT

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George Wilkes - Peacebuilding lessons: experience from the Balkans

Peacebuilding lessons: experience from the Balkans.

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Gavin Strang - Oral History Interview

Gavin Strang served as Member of Parliament for the Labour Party for Edinburgh East from 1970 – 2010. In Harold Wilson’s Government he was Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Energy (March…

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What is Queer Theory?

A panel exploring how queer theory is shaping our lives and relationships, intersections of race, gender and sexuality, and much more. As well as representing the Q in LGBTQ+, “queer”…

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LGBT History Month: From the 1969 Stonewall Riots to Lesbian & Gays Support the Miners Group: a history of revolt, defiance and solidarity

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology LGBT History Month event for 2022. Speakers: Professor Marc Stein, San Francisco State University; Nicola Field, member of Lesbians and Gays Support…

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Donald MacKenzie - Material Politics of Targeted Advertising 2022

Controversies in the Data Society 2022

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Tarik Aougab - Wednesday 26 January

25 Jan - 26 Jan 2022ICMS hosted the "Mathematics: Inclusive or Exclusive? Putting colour, culture and context into the curriculum" workshopEthics and anti-racism syllabi for mathematics…

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10.1 Politics and Democracy Introduction


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6.4 Community in action - Social capital and e participation

Internet and Society 2021

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Postgraduate Virtual Open Day for 2022 entry - an Introduction to the MSc in The Globalised Muslim World

Join Professor Frédéric Volpi for a virtual introduction to the MSc in The Globalised Muslim World at the University of Edinburgh. This short video is for students hoping to start our…

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Commemorating Andrew Walls (1928–2021)

On October 5, 2021, the Centre for the Study of World Christianity commemorated the life and legacy of its founder, Professor Andrew F. Walls (1928–2021), through a research seminar discussing…

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Can the Taliban be trusted with Afghanistan aid? | Inside Story Al Jazeera

The world is facing a stark choice with Afghanistan: accept the Taliban as the country's new leaders, or continue shutting them out. The group's been barred from accessing the Afghan…

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