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ICMS Christmas Lecture 2021 - Quantum Universe, Neil Turok

ICMS welcome Neil Turok (Edinburgh) for the 2021 Christmas Lecture, Quantum Universe. This video has captions. You can turn these off, by pressing the CC button on the toolbar below the video.

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The School of Physics and Astronomy Prof. Neil Turok talk

Prof Neil Turok talks about his research and life in Edinburgh.

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Jean-Simon Lemay (University of Oxford) : The Theory of Differential Categories.

Jean-Simon Lemay (University of Oxford) : The Theory of Differential Categories.Abstract: The theory of differential categories uses category theory to study the foundations of differentiation.…

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PSR 1 Lecture 5 Part 1

PSR 1 Lecture 5 Part 1 Fine Tuning Argument;

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Discovering Astronomy PHYS 08039

Is Discovering Astronomy the outside course for you? Watch this video to find out more. DISCOVERING ASTRONOMYPHYS08039; Semester 1; 20 credits; Level 8An accessible Astronomy course for everyone! …

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Higgs Boson - The Hot Big Bang

This project was created by the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh.

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