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Higgs Hour: Laura Keating 'How and when the Universe warmed up (and what that means for learning about dark matter)'

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Mysteries of Fundamental Physics

This talk was the first of the Leverhulme Lectures, for the Leverhulme Visiting Professorship scheme.In this century, progress in fundamental physics has been slow. The Large Hadron Collider…

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Data-Driven Innovation in Particle Physics - Dr. Akanksha Vishwakarma

Data-Driven Innovation in Particle Physics - Dr. Akanksha Vishwakarma

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Proof complexity of CSP - Azza Gayasin

Mathematical Approaches to Lower Bounds: Complexity of Proofs and Computation Proof complexity of CSP by Azza Gaysin, The Charles University in Prague

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ICMS Christmas Lecture 2021 - Quantum Universe, Neil Turok

ICMS welcome Neil Turok (Edinburgh) for the 2021 Christmas Lecture, Quantum Universe. This video has captions. You can turn these off, by pressing the CC button on the toolbar below the video.

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IP at Edinburgh

In this video, Richard Curtin (IP & Patent Manager) introduces what Intellectual Property means within the University. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning programme is…

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S&P Capital IQ: Screening for companies by industry and location

Ely Fal from S&P Capital IQ explains how to screen for companies in a specific industry and location, add data items, and export your results to Excel.

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The School of Physics and Astronomy Prof. Neil Turok talk

Prof Neil Turok talks about his research and life in Edinburgh.

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AstroTech - Our knowledge of the Universe

In this free short online course, you’ll learn more about the science and technology behind astronomical discovery. Each week will cover a different aspect of astronomical technology, matching…

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Higgs Hour with Florian Beutler: 'Expanding the BAO science case'

Speaker: Florian Beutler (University of Edinburgh) Cosmology has the potential to test fundamental physics through the discovery of new particles (e.g. dark matter) and new fields that governed…

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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Konstantinos Dimopoulos 'Quintessential Inflation: linking the origin and fate of the Universe'

Speaker:Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Lancaster University) Abstract: Observations suggest that the initial conditions of the history of the Universe were set by a period of superluminal expansion of…

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This is the second part of the second Inf2d lecture on Resolution.

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Kaltura Capture recording - November 14th 2020, 1:49:20 pm

lecture 9 part 1

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CL - 12e - More Counting

In this video we look at yet another pattern of implications, and apply our a method for counting the satisfying valuations.

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CL - 12a - Order

This video looks at the ordering of predicates. We first met thsis as the satisfaction ordering a ⊨ b.We look at the ordering of the 16 possible boolean functions of two variables. We can also view…

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CL - 7h - Some Haskell remarks

In this video we give an example showing how Haskell's types can help us to avoid confusions.We then discuss the types of the Boolean operations lifted to predicates, and show how…

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