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Mini MAXXI Seminar Series: Giuliana Pieri

This event took place online on 3rd March 2021 as part of the Mini MAXXI: Radical Conversation on Material Culture guest seminar series. The series is designed to turn COVID limitations on learning…

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Guest Lecture 2 - The importance of mathematical modeling

The second guest lecture of CHEDSE4

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Guest Lecture 1 - Experiences in Industry

The fist guest lecture of CHEDSE4

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2014: "Adventures in the Biology trade : Bioinformatics in the Petabyte era"

Bioinformatics and more widely Computational Biology is a largely data-driven Science. The array of high-throughput technology platforms in the last 10 years mean that the amount of data being…

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2014: "Solar analysis - the journey from two weeks to one hour with HPC"

Performing complex solar shading analysis to take into account the sun's path and solar penetration on large buildings has historically consumed very many CPU cycles for IES "Virtual…

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2013: "The Power of Many: Running Many Simulations on Many Supercomputers", Dr. Shantenu Jha, Rutgers University

There are several important science and engineering problems that require the coordinated execution of multiple high-performance simulations. Some common scenarios include but are not limited to,…

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2013: "Games: Playing with Threads", Ben Nicholson, Frontier Developments

In this talk I will give a brief history of parallel processing in games and how the industry has responded to hardware changes in its constant race to create games with more, better and faster. I…

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2013: "Fast as Lightning: High Performance Computing at the Met Office", Dr. Chris Maynard, Met Office

The Met Office hosts some the largest computers in the UK to predict the weather and changes in the climate. Best known for the Public Weather Service, the Met Office also advises UK government and…

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2013: "Data Centric Deep Computing", Dr. Crispin Keable, IBM

This talk will look at the drivers leading the way to Exascale computing. It will examine technology trends, and use these to infer some of the characteristics of future large scale HPC systems. It…

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2012: "FireGrid - A better response to fire emergencies", Dr. George Beckett, EPCC

Building design has been revolutionised in recent years. New materials and better construction techniques have allowed bespoke and impressive public spaces to be created. Consider the Millennium…

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2012: "GPU Computing: Past, Present and Future", Tim Lanfear, NVIDIA

The past five years have seen the use of graphical processing units for computation grow from being the interest of handful of early adopters to a mainstream technology used in the world's…

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2011: "Building Cloud Infrastructures (looking inside Flexiscale)"

Cloud computing has become one of the most advertised and talked about technologies for the past few years since many ISPs/IT firms have begun to adopt virtualisation technologies. As cloud…

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2011: "Fluidity: an adaptive, unstructured mesh CFD framework. Applications, software development methods and parallel performance",Dr Jon Hill, Imperial College London

Fluidity is a powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics framework developed at Imperial College over the last 20 years. Fluidity can be applied to a number of scientific applications, ranging from…

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2011: "Applications of HPC to Materials Chemistry", Dr. Scott Woodley, University College London

The Materials Chemistry Consortium (MCC) is the single largest consumer of resources on the HECToR National Supercomputer. In this talk I will give an overview of how MCC members exploit HECToR in a…

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2010: "High Performance Storage with SSDs", Barry Whyte, IBM UK

Traditional disk technology has lagged behind processor and memory technology for some time. During this session we will discuss what the problems are and how new technologies such as enterprise…

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2010: "Lightning Fast! HPC at the Met Office", Paul Selwood, Met Office

The Met Office has long used high performance computing to support its activities in weather prediction and climate research. This talk starts by giving an overview of the numerical weather…

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