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HealthyR demo: geom_bar() vs geom_col()

Data and code at:

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Supporting diversity through the ECA Library Zine and Artists Books collection: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

Join ECA Academic Support Librarian Jane Furness to hear about the ECA Library artists’ books and zines collections and the ways in which they celebrate the diversity of makers working in these…

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Building blocks of UK Copyright: Using, Resuing, & Infringement

This video in the Building Blocks of UK Copyright series, looks at copyright infringement, what it means, and how to avoid it.

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Mini MAXXI Seminar Series: Giuliana Pieri

This event took place online on 3rd March 2021 as part of the Mini MAXXI: Radical Conversation on Material Culture guest seminar series. The series is designed to turn COVID limitations on learning…

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Favour Jonathan Intro Lecture 1

An intriduction video to the Artist Favour Jonathan for the ECA Friday Talks series presented by the School of Art.

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10.3b Mexican Featherwork

In this video, we consider Mexican featherwork of religious subjects and its role in creating wonder in Europe, and converting indigenous peoples.

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10.1c Women, Textiles and Nature

In this video, we consider how understanding art differently can allow us to delve into the creative lives of women in the past. Needlework was an area that was increasingly associated with women…

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10.1a The Woman Question

This video introduces Renaissance Feminism, including major scholars and major female painters, sculptors and architects who worked between 1520 and 1650.

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IDS - Week 08 - 06 - More models with multiple predictors

More discussion on main and interaction effects and comparing adjusted R-squared values of models

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How I write visual analysis

Art historian, Jill Burke, considers how to write a visual analysis of a still life painting by the Dutch early seventeenth-century artist, Clara Peeters. For a written version of this talk, see…

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JB Vasari and the Invention of Art 1

Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists was written in 1550, with a much enlarged edition in 1568. It was the first recognisable "art history" book and still influences the way art…

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Experimental Art History 1

Video on issues with Renaissance Art History

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Making a Sketchbook

Susie Wilson takes IFP student through the creating of an artist sketchbook.

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1c Mycorrhizal and Saprotrophic Fungi

THe Green Planet Field trip.

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Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 7

Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 7

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Edinburgh Culture Conversations - Week 3

Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 3 27th July 2020

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