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Insubmissive Dialogues of Black Women

With Dayse Sacramento (Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia, Brazil) Chaired by Dr Almiro Andrade (University of the Arts London, UK) This seminar…

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Decolonising your dissertation : exploring new critical and practical approaches to your library research (Dissertation Festival)

This session will help you to think about how libraries have historically organised and acquired information and critically apply that knowledge to your information research choices. We’ll also…

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Decolonizing Knowledge Production through Linked Open Data

Abstract A hallmark of the North American colonial process was the production and dissemination of knowledge about Indigenous peoples through the journals and records of colonizers. The violent, and…

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Diversifying your Reading from a Student Perspective: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

Promoting the use of a diverse range of sources has several pedagogical benefits. It encourages students to become more autonomous learners by going beyond their reading lists and to think critically…

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Supporting diversity through the ECA Library Zine and Artists Books collection: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

Join ECA Academic Support Librarian Jane Furness to hear about the ECA Library artists’ books and zines collections and the ways in which they celebrate the diversity of makers working in these…

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Diversity in First Year Scots Law Reading Lists: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

This session reviews the diversity of authors named in reading lists for comparable first year undergraduate courses at five Scottish Law schools. The short report which is the focus of this talk…

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What did you learn in school today? Young people and negotiations of racialised intersections – 11 October 2021

11 October 2021 Speaker: Professor Ann Phoenix, UCL Institute of EducationChaired by: Katucha Bento, University of Edinburgh In this RACE.ED seminar, Professor Ann Phoenix discusses how schools…

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Shahed Saleem: 'Can architecture be decolonised?' | ESALA Frictions Public Lecture 2021-22

'Can architecture be decolonised?' Abstract:What does it mean to decolonise architecture, where do we start to understand and undertake this process? In this lecture Shahed Saleem will…

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Sharing decolonization strategies throughout Wikimedia projects

SpeakersLuisina Ferrante (Wikimedia Argentina) Mariana Fossatti (WhoseKnowledge?) Ian Ramjohn (Wiki Education) AbstractThe aim of this session is to share open recommendations and strategies for the…

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Dr Dominic Griffiths, 22 April 2021: The whitest guy in the room: thoughts on decolonisation and paideia

Title: The whitest guy in the room: thoughts on decolonisation and paideia Abstract: In this talk I will reflect on decolonisation, particularly in terms of curriculum, as a transformative,…

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ConveRACEions with rashné limki and colleagues

ConveRACEions with rashné limki, Mini Chandran Kurian, Amira Rahmat & Mally Smith: "Decolonising the Curriculum"

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