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Technomoral Conversation Series_Building Responsible AI Cultures and Alliances Captions

Building Responsible AI Cultures and AlliancesThe European Union and the Scottish government have each expressed commitments to fostering responsible and ethical AI development. What opportunities…

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Seminar: Health governance and the commercial determinants of health

Watch SPECTRUM's Jeff Collin, Rob Ralston and Sarah Hill deliver a seminar on 'Health governance and the commercial determinants of health: managing conflict of interest in prevention of…

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Controversies in the Data Society 2022

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The "Quick Search" page

A description of the 'Quick search' page of the knowledge management hub

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Research During the Pandemic Webinar 13 - Reflections on managing research during the pandemic

'You can't move forward until you look back' Professor Tim Walsh reflects on his experience as NHS Lothian R&D Director during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Analysing Climate Change Narratives, Past and Present

Amy Coombs, Robert Suits (both University of Chicago), and Jo Guldi (Southern Methodist University) give three presentations interrogating sociocultural narratives around climate change, from…

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3.2 Open and Free 2021

Internet and Society 2021On Hackers, Free software etc

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DataLoch: using routine data to help drive improvements in healthcare

Speakers: Kathy Harrison, DataLoch programme manager, Usher Institute. Atul Anand, DataLoch clinical lead, Centre for Cardiovascular Science.Abstract:The NHS in Scotland is facing the prospect of…

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Should companies with dual class shares be premium listed?

Hosted by the School of Law, King’s College, London, Edinburgh Law School, the University of Edinburgh, and the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge. About the event The…

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MI Lunch with Professor John Harrington

John Harrington, Professor of Global Health Law, School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University, presented at our MI Lunch series in May 2017. In his presentation, Professor Harrington proposed an…

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5th Annual JK Mason Lecture with Professor Jonathan Montgomery

Professor Jonathan Montgomery, from University College London, joined us to give our annual lecture in April 2017. Prof. Montgomery's presentation examined the changing landscape of health…

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MI Interview - Dr Michael Dunn

Dr Michael Dunn discusses his research interests with Nayha Sethi of the Mason Institute. Please note: All interviews are from a personal perspective and not representing the views of any other…

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The Commercialisation of Tissue and Data

Presentation from the MI Lunch on "The Commercialisation of Tissue and Data" on 26 February 2015. About the Presentation While people take a relatively positive view of research use…

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Mike Parker - Post Genomic Changes in Science and Sharing

Prof Mike Parker (Ethox Centre, Oxford) explored some of the key ethical issues arising in biomedical research over the last decade or more based on his work with the Wellcome Trust Case Control…

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The Legal & Ethical Issues Arising From Access & Linkage Of Administrative Data

Presentation from the MI Lunch on 31 October 2014 at the Administrative Data Research Centre - Scotland. Drawing on the original research being undertaken by the Mason Institute as part of the…

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Jennifer Prah Ruger - Global Health Justice and Governance

Presentation from the Summer Lunch 2014 co-hosted by the Mason Institute and the Global Health Academy. Prof Jennifer Prah Ruger's (University of Pennsylvania) presentation discussed…

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