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OPENspace Seminar - Leyla Deniz Kiraz

OPENspace Research Seminar - Leyla Deniz Kiraz 08.11.2023

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Quantity and Quality in Greenspace Studies

Dr Scott Ogletree works to understand how urban woodlands impact mental health and child development using secondary datasets. He is interested in how natural environments influence society and uses…

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Characterising the Exposome: A holistic approach to help understand the impact of the environment on health

In this talk, Charlotte will cover how epidemiology and exposure science underpin the concept of the exposome, why exposomic research is necessary to investigate the non-genetic burden of disease,…

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Understanding how the outdoor environment enables older adults to flourish: A focus on ethical and recruitment challenges when undertaking research with older people during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this seminar, we will present ongoing research that is exploring how the physical environment supports older adults to carry out the personal projects that make life enjoyable, and is part of the…

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Physical crowds and psychological crowds: Incorporating group behaviour into crowd models

Models are used to simulate pedestrian behaviour for safety at mass events, yet these models often neglect the psychological factors influencing collective behaviour. Over two studies, we explored…

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Rolf Roscher, director of Glasgow based Landscape Architects erz, will discuss the practice’s health and care projects. Over the past 14 years erz have designed and overseen delivery of a wide…

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‘You Really Do Become Invisible’: Exploring Older Adults Rights to the City

A global ageing population presents opportunities and challenges to designing urban environments that support ageing in place. The World Health Organisation’s Global Age-Friendly Cities…

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A research study of woods and wellbeing in Scotland

A three-minute summary of research that’s been conducted on woods and wellbeing in Scotland. In particular, we focus on the 'Woods In and Around Towns' research project. For more…

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