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'Harnessing Population-based Data to Understand Mental Health Treatment Effectiveness in Children & Young People’, Dr Sharon Neufeld

There is a paucity of information regarding effectiveness of treatment-as-usual mental health services in children and young people, with uncertainties regarding which individuals improve, and…

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Place2Be at Moray House - looking back on the evolution of the partnership

Dr Kathleen Forbes, Place2Be consultant/clinician, and Dr Zoé Robertson, Director of Teacher Education, look back on the partnership, its evolution, challenges and success. Current students…

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Student Adviser Anna encourages you to come to the campus Feel Good Walks.

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Lisa is a Student Adviser who can help you through difficult times.

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Ciara is a Student Adviser here to listen to you and connect you to the services you need.

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Daniel is a Moray House alumni and current Student Adviser.

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Student Adviser Brendan is passionate about supporting you.

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You are not alone. Student Adviser Sarah is here for you.

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Student Adviser Sian is looking forward to meeting you at Moray House.

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Professor Ailsa Niven

Professor Ailsa Niven talks about her research at PAHRC.

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Welcome to the Library, Part 1: Basics and finding your readings

This is the first of a 2-part introduction to the University Library for students doing the PgCert Advanced Social Work Studies - Mental Health Officer (MHO) Award, 2022-23. This session covers…

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Quantity and Quality in Greenspace Studies

Dr Scott Ogletree works to understand how urban woodlands impact mental health and child development using secondary datasets. He is interested in how natural environments influence society and uses…

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Characterising the Exposome: A holistic approach to help understand the impact of the environment on health

In this talk, Charlotte will cover how epidemiology and exposure science underpin the concept of the exposome, why exposomic research is necessary to investigate the non-genetic burden of disease,…

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Rolf Roscher, director of Glasgow based Landscape Architects erz, will discuss the practice’s health and care projects. Over the past 14 years erz have designed and overseen delivery of a wide…

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Kenza Darrak

A video by Kenza Darrak produced for the 'Currents: Understanding and addressing global challenges' course at Edinburgh Futures Institute. Soundtrack: 'Big Sky' by Hans Zimmer.

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PhD Advice from recent PhD grad Dr Lizzie Wadsworth

In the second episode of our PhD advice series, Liz (@LizGaberdiel) talks to Dr Lizzie Wadsworth (@LizzieWadz), who recently finished her PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Looking back on her…

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