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B12. Immunopathology

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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B11. Chronic inflammation

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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B2. Activation of an immune response

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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A10. The effect of aging on tissue homeostasis

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Research During the Pandemic Webinar 13 - Reflections on managing research during the pandemic

'You can't move forward until you look back' Professor Tim Walsh reflects on his experience as NHS Lothian R&D Director during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Treatment of Alport Syndrome 2022

Alport Syndrome is an uncommon kidney disease that can cause kidney failure and hearing impairment. Aimed at practitioners, scientists and patients. Prepared for the International Alport Workshop…

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Writing Philosophy 5

Writing Philosophy

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Intro to MSK 2021

Mr Gavin Brown

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Research During the Pandemic: Research, Covid19 and beyond

Sheila Morris, Lead Research Nurse Infectious Diseases in NHS Lothian, discusses her 30 year research career spanning the HIV Pandemic through to the Covid 19 Pandemic. She reflects on the research…

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Balsells and Brondi (2020) Global health & infectious diseases: security and inequalities after the IHR (2005)

Webinar by Evelyn Balsells and Luciana Brondi discussing global health and infectious diseases through a review of public health emergencies after the IHR(2005)

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The Maths of Life and Death, Kit Yates

ICMS welcome Kit Yates (Bath) for a talk on Maths of Life and Death. This Public Lecture was part of the September 2021 Early Career Workshop - Modelling Diffusive Systems: Theory & Biological…

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EGS - Epidemiology

Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) Prof. Bruce McGorum Subtitles corrected

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MI Lunch with Professor John Harrington

John Harrington, Professor of Global Health Law, School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University, presented at our MI Lunch series in May 2017. In his presentation, Professor Harrington proposed an…

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C4. Infectious diseases: pathogenesis, spread and control

Integrity lecture C4

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C3. Microorganisms: viruses, prions and parasites

Integrity lecture C3

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4 - Why should I choose this degree?

Information video - MSc Integrated Global Health

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