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How To Keep Your Mobile Device Secure

This talk provides a high level overview of mobile phones and the security landscape they operate within. The attack surface along with examples of threats are highlighted along with top ten security…

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How to keep physical information secure

A number of real world ploys are discussed along with advice on how to protect yourself from compromise.

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How To Understand Risk

Why do we get so worried about being secure online? Are we worried enough? Do we worry too much? In this session we take a look at what information security risk is and how we can handle it…

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How to Critique Cybercrime in the Movies

This presentation explores how the media has portrayed hacking and cybersecurity, featuring some classic films and the elements they get right... and so very, very wrong.

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How to avoid Scams and Social Engineering

How do we get tricked into handing over our details or clicking on suspicious links? In this session we look at how criminals game human behaviour and how to avoid common scams, from money laundering…

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How to get Information Security Help

Unfortunately there may be times when you need guidance or help with information security issues, or if you experience cybersecurity incidents. This session introduces our team, how we can help, and…

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M&M Podcast 8: David Creighton-Offord discussing information security and privacy for today & tomorrow

In the eighth episode of the M&M (Michael and Myles) podcast we are joined by David Creighton-Offord, the senior Information Security Consultant within the Information Security Team at the…

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