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#EdCreativeCareers: Screen Industry Career Insights

Careers in the screen industries cover many different creative areas. From Film and TV, to VFX, animation and games, there’s a multitude of roles available to suit a wider range of skill sets…

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Mysteries of Fundamental Physics

This talk was the first of the Leverhulme Lectures, for the Leverhulme Visiting Professorship scheme.In this century, progress in fundamental physics has been slow. The Large Hadron Collider…

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Social Media

Marie Storrar share her expertise on building a stellar social media presence using personas, data and creative magic.

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Canva walkthrough and workshop

Ann Harrison talks us through the magic of Canva Enterprise and walks through creating an instagram story in the online software.

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Design Community Archive: EFI REBRAND

Recorded live in December 2021: Presentation and discussion of the Edinburgh Futures Institute rebrand. Collaboration between external agencies and inhouse designer and comms team. Starring Siobhan…

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Week 5 Identity , Attention and Platform Business

Internet and Society 2022

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Book launch: Millicent Garrett Fawcett: Selected Writings

About the EventA joint CDCS and genderEd online event.In conversation with Professor Fiona Mackay (University of Edinburgh School of Political Science), Professor Melissa Terras (Edinburgh College of…

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Using Legal Databases Sept 2022

Introductory session on how to use legal databases (Westlaw, Lexis+ and HeinOnline). By the end of this session, you should be able to: select the appropriate database for your needs, and recognise…

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Cohomology of the spaces of commuting elements - Masahiro Takeda

Classifying spaces in homotopy theory: in honour of Ran Levi's 60th BirthdayMasahiro Takeda, Kyoto University

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CSE Cohort Lead Training Day: Paddy Corscadden - "Student Wellbeing Service Awareness"

CSE Cohort Leads 2

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CSE Cohort Lead Training Day: Chris Mowat - "Student Support Model and Q&A"

CSE Cohort Lead Training Day - July 2022 Chris Mowat - Student Support Model and Q&A

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CSE Cohort Lead Training Day: Rayya Ghul - "Groups"

CSE Cohort Lead Training Day - July 2022 Rayya Ghul - "Groups"

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SEAM (Rosie Edwards) and Parents and Supporters of Students (Lorna Devlin)

An overview of Student Engagement and Monitoring (SEAM) and how parents and other supporters of students interact with the University.

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Student Perspective: Introduction to Edinburgh

3rd year Informatics student, Donald Jennings, tells us about his first two years studying at the University of Edinburgh. His presentation covers: 1st year at Edinburgh Optional Courses 2nd year…

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Three Minute Thesis Competition Final 2022 - Daisy Bao

Individual Video - Three Minute Thesis Competition Final 2022 - Daisy Bao - Finalist

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engage - Is sociable curiosity the most important graduate attribute? 23/06/22

This session is an opportunity to discuss links between three crucial features of a healthy university: curiosity, sociability, and wellbeing. · Curiosity: Are we doing the best we can…

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